Strata: Overjoyed

Did things have to be this complicated? Posiedon, king of the sea, had summoned me because of my great prowess. I was not special, really, I was of average beauty, average everything. Except my specialty. I was an explorer, able to live in the barrens of the sea for months. I had discovered much for Posiedon, new lands, new animals, and the like.

And so now, I stood before the king of the sea.

"Lovely Strata, I hereby say, that you, whom has explored vast amounts of land, claiming them for me, and helping my nation immesly, I hereby decree that you shall live on the new planet, where your powers shall help greatly. Tough you must be to survive there, before it shall turn into a great planet, ruled by my daughter, Jambalini."

"Thank you, Your Highness." I said, but inside I was more than that. I felt such joy, to be one of the first to explore this new land! What things would be there? I would have new friends, and so much room on an almost empty planet!

"The seahorse is ready, Strata." the king said. "Go on, and good fortune to you." I walked over to my seahorse, climbing on. I flicked my short-cropped brown hair, waving goodbye to those that remained. I had no mirror, but I knew the extent of my plainness. I wondered how I could compete with Jambalini, said to be one of the prettiest nymphs in Posiedon's kingdom. Well, she wasn't really in his kingdom anymore, was she?

The End

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