I float down, my almost lilac hair cascading above me. I land lightly on the ocean floor. I love the ocean. I tap the person nearest to me on the shoulder.

"Hi, I'm Vailea"

"Oh, well hello Vailea. I'm Jambalini. What are you good at?" she says

"Oh, well, I can draw quite well..."

"Good, well you can plan the meeting hall" Jambalini says, and shows me where to go. I set to work. I love drawing, it's my number one hobby apart from dancing and singing. In fact, drawing was how I got here. See, Posiden's youngest daughter wasn't getting her own way, and she threw such a big tantrum I think the whole ocean heard it. I couldn't take it anymore so I offered to do some drawing with her. I showed her how to draw a mermaid and she was so happy drawing about a hundred of them that she didn't even notice when I left to have dinner. Posiden thanked me and said that he didn't know what he would have done if I hadn't stopped the loud little girl, and he sent me here.

The End

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