Cari Morgan: The Helper

"Cari Morgan of Atlantis, I send you to my daughter Jambalini's planet for your acts of kindness and charity towards our kingdom," Poseidon stood before me as I knelt on the marble floor. My hands and legs were shaking, but with a little control, I was able to keep from shaking my entire body. "Your work there shall be great, your body strong, and your heart loving. You will greatly enhance that planet, and though we will miss your smile and good words, you will be loved there. Go now to nourish my daughter's planet. Thank you Cari!" His voice rang through the grand hall and applause, whistles and yells erupted as he finished. I stood and placed a fist over my heart, bowing to Poseidon then to the audience in an act of thanks.

"Thank you Your Highness, I shall make you proud," I said, turning back to the tall man.

"I know you will, now run along before they leave without you!" he chuckled and nudged me with his hand, "Do well, my child." I swam out of the hall, smiling and wiping joyful tears from my eyes. My family waited at the doors.

"Mom! Dad!" I screamed, jumping to hug them. I was only 16 and already leaving my beautiful home.

"We will miss you so much Cari!" my mother cried, tears floating away from her heart shaped face. "Do us proud," my father said, clapping me on the back. I could see the lump in his throat as he tried to restrain tears. "I love you father!" I said, wrapping my arms around his waist. His tears started to flow now.

I retreated from my father's embrace and smiled at my mother. "I must go now, but I will visit again, soon." I knew this was a lie, but I needed to re-assure them. "I will write," my mother cried again and I moaned as she hugged me one last time. I rolled my eyes at my dad and he laughed. "Good-bye!" I said again, pulling my mom's arm away from me and hurrying out of the Great Hall's lobby. "I love you!" I yelled, leaving the open front doors and hurrying to a large Man sitting on a seahorse with another trailing behind him. I swam up to the seahorse, a smile playing on my face happily.

Jumping on the purple seahorse, the large man kicked his beast that he rode and we were off towards Jambalini's planet. I was so excited I could swim in 100 circles. My heart beat heavily. I lifted my hands from the seahorse and grabbed my bright but dark red hair, tying it back with a conch and pin. My bright green eyes shone as we flew through the blue sea water. I smiled and my bluey-green skirt flowed happily through the rushing water. The  I grabbed my seahorse again and layed my head on it's neck, resting so I would be ready to great Her Highness Jambalini in my new home.

The End

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