Tila : Swimming Away

I sit in the storage compartment, squished inside one of the carriages pulled by baby whales. I could not figure out why I was here. Was it because I was kicked out of my own family for being accused to doing something I didn't do? Or was it because I left on my own will, unwilling to stay in a place where I didn't fit in? Wherever I end up when this carriage lands, I shall stay.

The carriage wobbles, then it lands lightly on a seabed. I hear doors open, I hear talking, I hear wheels of carts being dragged off, I hear animals swimming their way outside. How desperately did I want to see where I had gotten myself in, but I can't make a sound, not unless I want trouble.

The door of the storage compartment opens, I hide behind a box, peeking out. No one spots me as I crawl out. I see a few people working on an acropora, reading something. I see a lady with a graceful structure, talking to another woman. Her green hair looks well-cared for and she looks royal. My hair is silver, elbow-length and tangly. It feels sticky, and dirty. I walk away. I crouch down next to a red starfish with my head in my hands. I pick it up and place it on my hand, immediately, I could feel it's plates sucking my skin. But at least I wouldn't feel as lonely. I feel hungry, tired and sick. It had been such a long ride. Suddenly, I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look up, seeing the beautiful lady with the green hair. I stand up immediately, bowing low.

"Where have you come from?" she asks me.

"The storage compartment of your carriages, ma'am." I stutter, "I apologise, I never knew I would end up here."

"Your name?"

"Tila. I was kicked out of my home so I ran away."

"Come with me Tila. I am Jambalini." Jambalini? Posiden's royal daughter? I bow again. "Rise. Come, you look hungry."

"Thank you, your highness." Then I swim and follow her.

The End

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