Jambalini: Beginings

I arrive, and am shocked. I thought there would be more. All there is, is a pile of supplies. Well, time to test these Helpers. I look at them.

There are two men, and a woman. The men seem to be phsicaly strong, so I put them to work. "First, you shall build a house." They are already familliar withthe plans, so they set to work. I look at the woman and ask for her name.

"Roslyn, You Highness."She says this while looking at her toes.

"Roslyn. We must work together. You must not call me Your highness. I am Jambalini, or you can call me Bali, Okay? I must know what your talents are."

"Farming, Your..... I mean Bali."

I smile at her and lead her a little ways away from the laboring men. I mark off a little space a tell her to plant some food. After all, we won't get another shipment for several weeks. Since there are four of us, we will make it. If there were twenty of us, we wouold still make it. My father is very genorous.

I wonder when the first follower will arrive?

The End

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