Our Planet

Posiden has decided to give thanks to his Nymphs.

Posiden, The ruler of the sea, Has desided to thank all of his most loyal and trustworthy Nymphs. His highness has desided to gift each of these followers with a new life style. They shal have their oown planet, away from humans, who ruin the waters in which they dwell. As I chose them, They shall be given the choice. As they go on their way, I shall make a list of my chosen.

In addition, to help out with their new life style, each shall be given a new Affinity. This will be related to the task that earned them such a high ranking. They shall not have a choice, as to what it will be. My second in comand, Jambalini, Shall take charge over this new land.

I shall see what becomes of this.

The End

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