I sighed, I’d known he'd not exactly be pleased, but still he was such a child. I guess my mothers saying was true, 'men are always little boys inside, just taller,' even after a few centuries he'd failed to grow.

I smiled remembering his threat of sending her to the council, he'd fail even if he dared to try (which I doubted) I hadn't performed a full contract spell, it was only a biding spell. Both were completely different. A full contract meant full power over him and couldn't be broken so easily, also he was correct that it was illegal to cast one on someone without the others permission. However the binding was completely different, it could be considered an add on to the first, it made the witch the only desirable food source to the other, and could only feed on others when given permission, it actually wasn't considered illegal, I’d checked it up, don’t know why, probably because it was only ever used on already contracted beings and they wouldn't have an issue.

I didn't worry about him to much, he'd come back to us he had to, and about that 'blood comes with sex thing' what did he think I was, a child? Sure I wasn't exactly tall, but besides that I was a proper woman, and I knew that a lot of vampires didn't need sex, my vampire uncle (he was who my real aunt was contracted with, but he felt like family) had told me a lot of vampires felt that, but it could be controlled.

I ran with Rissa after Dylan, thinking about how Rissa would take this, I’d decided to trick her a little, just because she wasn't good at secrets, I smiled imaging her face, it was gonna be priceless.

The End

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