Dylan Benvis

Dylan lay on the cold floor, feeling groggy and angry. He was irritated  but he didn't know why. A bitter taste linger on his lips and smothered his tongue.

'Eugh.' Dylan coughed, rubbing his tongue gingerly with one finger. He winced as he stretched, jumping up, he ran into his bathroom, ripped off his shirt and looked at his back in the mirror. He sighed, trying to suppress the anger which what building up inside of him.

Those little witches dare tamper with his powers? He'd have them for this, he wondered if they knew it was illegal to do this without the vampires permission first.

He left his flat and stormed over to the place where T.K lived, smashing down the door in his fury.

'F*ck you! Seriously! Why the hell do you think you have to right to bind my blood powers! I can frikin' die from this!' Dylan roared, 'I hope your ready to be punished! Because I'm going to the Black Blood high council, to report the illegality of this situation!'

'Calm down, Dylan!' T.K cried, standing up, waving her hands in the air.

'No! I wont! I wish I'd never listened to Marriane, I wish I'd never come to this place!' Dylan groaned.

'Dylan! Shut up! All we need is your consent and it can become a legal binding!'

'Never! I shall never do this. To be quite frank with you, T.K, I think I'd rather endure the pain of my brother being turned into a vampire than this! I can't live without blood!' Dylan shouted, balling up his fists.

'You can drink our blood!'

'I already said. Blood, for me, usually comes with sex. And your still a little baby chick. I don't want your blood!' Dylan snarled, walking right up to T.K so his face was right near hers, 'if you don't release me from this bind right now, I'll kill you.'

'No you wont!' Clarissa barged in.

'Why wont I?'


'What?' Dylan snorted, 'are you giving you senior of nearly 100 years an order?!'


'Piss off. I'm leaving here. I'm leaving here and I'm going to go get blood from a women. A women who I am in love with. Who is also a black blood. I will never drink from brats like yourselves!' Dylan growled, his wings sprouted rather vigorously and he smashed the window and he honed in on Mariannes location.

The End

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