Spells T.K POV

I was worried when I saw that look on his face just before we were thrown out, it wasn't that of a sane man, it was of a beast.

I was a type C witch, so I knew what I was talking about. my destiny was to become a summoner and use the powers of other black bloods to fuel my own powers or even vice versa, because of this my parents had taught me more about other species than most did. it was fair to say I knew a lot about other species. And I knew what that look meant. He was hungry, and wanted fresh blood, but also wouldn't let the prey live through it, purposely or not. I’d offered him help, but he'd refused, so now I had to play dirty.

As soon as I got home after saying a quick good bye to Rissa, I ran to an old book in the living room. It was a spell book made specially for type C'S, I flipped through the pages quickly using my vague memory of the pages to find the one I needed.

Most spells are simply done using concentration and will power, of course small hand gestures are also used, however stronger spells require incantations and the one I was about to do was very high level. I carried the book to my window and looked outside praying he hadn't already left, I was in luck, he was leaving just now. I started the to read the words quietly, praying my parents were already asleep if they caught me I’d be killed there and then. I opened the window as a small ball of light started to grow in front of me, using my small pocket knife, (all good witches have one as some spells require blood) I cut my middle finger, the blood oozed from the cut and fell slowly onto the light. As if by magic (well it was by magic to be fair) the ball changed from pure white to crimson red.

I smiled knowing this might be the second dumbest thing I’ve ever done. I lifted the ball and held it tightly, hoping this wouldn't backfire, and muttered the last words of the spell.

“...Dylan Benvis...” The light grew hot and shoot from my hands it went through the window, as I leaned out to see its progress I smiled. It hit him in the back, almost causing him to fall over. I went to bed, knowing one thing. He'd never kill another person again..or even bite them, at least he wouldn't want to, with me now being the only one he drink from..that is without pain.

The End

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