Dylan Benvis

Everyone sat at the table, nearly drowning in the awkward atmosphere that lingered in the air.

Dylan looked down at the blood in his cup, swirling it around. He remembered the first time he drank blood, from Marriane. That delicious sensation rushing down his throat... like drinking water after being parched on a hot day.

Now, looking down at the blood in his cup, he felt a little sick at the oldness of it. So, he stood up abruptly.

'I need to go out.' Dylan said sharply. Clarissa and T.K looked up at Dylan with raised eyebrows.

'What? Our blood not good enough?'

Anger flared up deep inside of Dylan's chest and he took a deep breath, 'nope. This blood is sh*tty. And I don't want it.'

'What if we fed you? Then you wont have to kill an innocent human.' T.K said quietly. Dylan noticed she was the shy type, she reminded him of his little brother.

Dylan was shocked at her offer, but instead of turning down politely, he just sneered at them, 'I prefer women's blood. Not little girls like yourselves.' He snickered, put emphasis on "women's blood".

'No need to be snide.' Clarissa grunted, standing up, 'c'mon, T.k, I'm bored of him already.'

'Bye bye.' T.K gave a small smile to Dylan as she departed, walking in the wake of Clarissa.

'Real food... need some real food.' Dylan mumbled, the clothes which clad his back ripping as his wings burst forth, 'time to eat!'

The End

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