Meeting Dylan Benvis - Clarissa's POV

"Why did you just break down my door?!" The boy, or man, however you would describe him, shouted at us.

"She's the one who blew it off its hinges." T.K. pointed at me accusingly. I crossed my arms, and made a face, sticking my hip out. We were wearing the stupid school uniform. We both wore short-sleeved white shirts, and while T.K. wore navy jeans, I wore a navy skirt that came to the middle of my thigh. We both wore black shoes, and I wore white stockings, too.

"I don't like being ignored. That, and I have no patience." I said. The boy's lips twitched, into a small smile;barely noticeable. I took eight steps, so that he was backed up against the wall, mouth slightly open. Cocking my head to the side, I raised my eyebrows. "Cool, a vampire. I like vampires, but there aren't any here, other from you. The last one got staked." i said casually, before backing off.

"Clarissa Cloud, you're way too friendly and casual." T.K. laughed, rolling her eyes.

"Says the Type C." I shot back. The boy was looking at me in interest.

"Clarissa? A witch with a vampire name, how odd." He said. I shrugged. I went over to the front door, and with T.K.'s help, picked it up. I heated up the metal, and put it back on it's hinges, before closing it. I turned round, and gave a clap of my hands.

"Don't suppose you could make us a brew, could you? After all, I did just fix your door. And i have a cool name."

The End

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