It was fairly late when me and Clarissa got back to the apartments, we'd been at a club after school, and been busy shopping after that. It was later than we usually got back so I was al little worried that I’d be in trouble when I got home, Rissa was aloud out later than me so I wasn't so worried for her.  

I looked up at the sky just before entering, the sun had set, and the stars were showing in the sky, it was one of my favourite times of the day, it'd been darkish for about 3 hours so the moon was just showing as well.

We opened the door quietly so not to wake anyone. Some may say local community is dead, but they've never been here, everyone knew everyone, there wasn't a person here I didn't know and the same for them, so as a result we tended to respect out neighbours. We started to tiptoe through the landing. However half way to the stairs we heard the door behind us open, and then slammed shut a second later, we jumped and turned to see who'd dare to do this. The thing was we didn't know who he was.

The End

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