Dylan Benvis

Dylan paused as he reached out for the girl who was sat on the bench, all alone. Even though he had done this countless times, it just didn't seem right. There something rather different about this girl that send messages to his brain that screamed, "don't kill her! Don't kill her!"

He ignored these instincts that had suddenly flared up, and carried on moving his arm towards her. Then she did something which made Dylan, a vampire; a creature of the night, shake in his boots.

She hummed.

'What the f*ck is this?!' He snarled, still glued to the spot.  The girl, who, as she turned around, was not a girl. But a women. The very women, in fact, who turned Dylan into a vampire.

He just stared at him, still humming that same song. The song which lingered in the back of his mind, always playing, no matter what he did. Dylan took in a shaky breath, and balled up his fists.

'Do you remember the song, Dylan!' She cried, climbing up on the edge of the bench so she could stare right into his face.

'Of course I do, Marriane. It's been a while.' He replied gruffly.

'Then you must know a secret.' Marriane breaths softly, 'the high Vampires are coming for you.'

'Don't joke about that, you arseho--' He froze as Marriane shot him a very serious look.

'You must go to those apartments. It's the only place you'll be safe! Hurry now!' She shouted, 'I don't want you to get hurt. Even though you hate me...' Marriane added sadly.

'I don't hate you.. you just... Why did you turn him? Why did you have to pick him over me! I loved you first!' Dylan said in a furious tone, he was also angry at his immaturity of the situation. Marriane had turned Dylan's younger brother into a vampire, also. And picked his younger brother to be her consort.

'I look to young to be with you. Appearance is everything in the vampire realm.' She sighed, flapping a lazy hand, 'now go! Or do I have to make than an order?!'

'No, Marriane. But you must come visit. Or I shall never forgive you!'

'That's what you said the last time.' Marriane cackled, before jumping off the bench and disappearing into the night.

'I love you... byebye...' He mumbled, cracking his knuckled before soaring off to the safe haven Marriane had promised him...

The End

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