I trudged out to the corridor, only to see Rissa doing the same, I almost laughed out loud at the sight of her, she looked terrible, her hair was messy, and she'd obviously given up on her make-up.

“Morning, Rissa.” I said, not loudly, but in a tired voice. She turned to me and smiled, her hair coming lose from the bobble.

“Hay, good morning” she said, she almost walked onto the wall as she walked towards me. But I managed to catch her. Even a klutz’s like me could do that.

“Man I’m sleepy...” I groaned, leaning on her. This was pretty normal for us, so it wasn't that big a deal.

“I wonder if the others are up yet, or if they've gone ahead” she said, I almost knew the answer.

“Hmm, probably waiting downstairs for us, they'll kill us when we get down.” I whined.

We sighed and decided to get it over with quickly, we started down the staircase.

The End

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