Clarissa's POV

Mornings. Ugh. I hated them.

I was a lot like T.K. in that sense. We like the same books, hate mornings, and we're both witches. She's a Type C, and I'm and Type A.

A Type A is an Elemental. I can infulence the elements; earth, air, fire, water, darkness and light. I'm the best at air. Never make me do water though. I will practically drown everyone.

A Type C is a Summoner; the rarest of us witches. They can make deals and contracts with other black bloods. A lot of them are bad, but there are a few good ones. T.K. was one of them.

My short, dark brown hair was messy, and in my face, and my tired green eyes seemed to glare at the mirror. My pale skin stood out a little, but I'd given up trying to put make up on. I shook my head, before getting ready for school.

My parents were in bed still; they always seem to be. I don't care though. Walking out, I wonder if the others are waiting for me.

The End

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