in the middle of some plain city somewhere in the middle of Britain there’s a block of flats. To anyone who passes it looks perfectly normal, in fact it looks rather boring. Its 5 stories high, and if you look inside there's 5 apartments on each floor, making 25 apartments in total.

The thing is the occupants of this place aren't normal...they're all 'black bloods'. Black bloods are the super natural being of the earth, the creatures of fairy tales and myth. The apartment is a haven for their kind, and they live in pace here.


I hate mornings, I always end up messing something up, today I was running a little late...I blame my clock. The alarm hadn't rung and I’d slept in, so now I was sprinting through the living room to the front door, before I got to the door however I heard my mother from the kitchen.

“ T.K remember to go to the shops on your way home!” she called.

“I will!...forget” I muttered the last part as I opened the front door and stepped through it, hoping that the others had waited for me. Although in reality I knew they would.

The End

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