Our apartments (collabrative)



Hello everyone my best friend in the whole world (strawberrylover13) red my latest story (our apartments) and asked if it could be a collab (well she begged...). the thing is I had the story already set out (roughly) and I didn't want to order others on how the story HAD to go (I mean this site is made to give us freedom!) but I also didn't want to lose the story line that I (vaguely) had.

SO in order to keep miss strawberry happy, AND cause I know it'd be a lot of fun, I’ve decided to make a collab version of the story, it won't keep exactly to the original, and doesn't have to, so just have some fun with it~

rules~(yes there are rules)

  • If you wanna be some other race ask first and I may say yes, BUT ASK.

  • I don't care about swearing, but don't do it for the sake of it, OK?

  • No killing other people characters without asking.

  • You don't have to keep on the last chapter if it doesn't concern your character, but please make your chapter a little relevant...(not really a rule but still...)

  • also no 'ultimate' characters, its not fair to others.

to keep it simple the main races are; witches, demons, werewolves, vampire, fay, death gods, angels and shape shifters, if you want to be part animal you can be a shifter, or a demon depending on how it works.

The End

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