The stadium filled with cheers as the crowd went completetly wild. As our banc, God4U finished the last song and the curtains closed down around us. Our agent came up and congradulated us as we got up and people began to put their instruments away. I grinned at Liss, another successful night! We had been playing for ten years now…and we had been a hit band right from the start.

“Daddy! Mommy!” a gorgeous little five year old girl with long black hair and bright blue eyes cried as she ran up to Liss and I.

“Beth!” I returned as I knelt down and held my arms wide. I swept her up and swung her around once before putting her down again. “So, how did you like this performance eh Beth?” I asked. Beth smiled and clapped her hands, causing both Liss and I to smile.

Beth was the girl Liss and I had decided to adopt a year after we had been married (we were both 20 on the year we married). We took her in on the same day that we finally managed to get rid of the Orphanage once and for all. All the kids that had actually been experimented on had already been spoken for by that time so Liss and I had adopted from a near-by orphanage.

“Alright Liss,” I said as I turned to face her, “we need to go pick up Ben and Jessica.” We had also adopted a ten-year-old boy at the same time, he was out with his friends right now though, which was why we had to pick him up. Jessica was our own little girl, who had been born just over a year ago.

“Alright, let’s head home then!” Liss said emphatically.

I turned to Chris. “Hey Chris, do you and Tanya want to bring your family over to our place for dinner tonight? We’re ordering out for Italian this time! Your favorite!”

Chris grinned “Sure thing Kian! We’ll be there right after we head home and get the kids!”I nodded, we lived right next door so we usually spent pretty much all of our time together. We were pretty much one big family.

Liss, Beth, and I all piled into the Lexus and headed off to get back home. This was the life, after so much hard work, Liss and I had finally made it. We had done it together, and now we were enjoying it together. We had far more than enough money to retire now and just live the life if we wanted to. As it was we gave most of our income to the church and to fund the orphanage which we had set up. We had even set up a business to support the orphanage when we retired!

As we pulled up in the garage and got out I planted a quick kiss on Liss’s lips. “I love you Sweetheart,” I whispered.

“Eeeew!” Beth squeeled from behind us. Causing both of us to start laughing.

“Alright you little trouble maker you, go join your brother inside!” I mock-warned her.

Beth scurried inside; giggling the whole way. I carefully scooped up Jessica out of her car-seat where she had fallen asleep and walked inside with Liss. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: life is good. 

The End

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