I scrambled out of bed as our alarm went off. Liss groaned and turned over. “Wake up Liss! Today we get our test results and then graduate! It’s our last day!

Liss moaned heavily, “We need a 95% or higher to graduate Kian! What if I didn’t get it!”

“Don’t worry Liss,” I said happily as I scooped her up into my arms and planted a quick kiss on her lips, “I’m sure you passed it! You’ve been the top of the class for the last week! The professor even decided he liked you…now how many people can say that?”

Liss blushed and buried her head in my shoulder. “Alright, go get ready and then we’ll head down for breakfast where we will receive out tests,” I said as I gently put Liss down onto her own two feet.

Once we had gotten downstairs we were forced to wait for Chris and Tanya before we were given our test results. It wasn’t a long wait however; about five minutes after we arrived in the dining hall, Chris appeared with Tanya following closely behind. Once they had seated themselves we were each handed a sheet with our test scores printed on them. When Liss saw hers her entire face lit up joyously and I grinned, she had obviously passed with flying colors. I took my sheet and looked at the test. As I did, my heart sunk…I had gotten a 94.5%. I WAS SO CLOSE! However, I was determined not to ruin Liss’s day. I put a happy expression onto my face as the professor handed out the tests.

Liss came over to me and happily thrust her score sheet in front of me. “Look!” She exclaimed. “I got a 99%” I pulled her into a hug and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“I knew you could do it Liss! I am so proud of you!” I cried. I pulled away from her just enough to give her a real kiss.

“Oh look! The tests!” I exclaimed when we had pulled away from each other just a bit. Liss had looked like she was about to ask me about my score, so I was looking for a quick distraction. It worked; Liss scooped up her test and began to go through it looking for the few questions that she had gotten wrong. I picked up my test as well and began to go through it. So many thoughtless mistakes! I felt like kicking myself! I knew that Liss would find out sooner or later, and I hated to see the look on her face when she did; this was not going to be good. As I came to the last page of the test I saw one question where I had lost a lot of points. I had not gotten one of the questions, and it had been worth 20 points! I carefully looked over the question…what had I missed? As I looked through it I found absolutely nothing wrong with it, why had I lost so many points on it?

I called the professor over and asked him to show me why I had lost so many points, but when he looked over it, he raised his glasses and frowned at it. “I’m sorry Kian…there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with your answer here! The man who graded your test must have misread the question asked. Give me a minute and I will go rework your grades and print out your correct score sheet.”

I sighed happily…twenty points was definitely enough to make .5% difference on the test scores, I had passed after all! I didn’t have to spoil the day for Liss by telling her that I had not passed! I was so happy I felt I could have leaped into the air for joy! Liss came over to me and noticed I didn’t have my test anymore. “Hey, where is your test Kian?” she asked curiously.

I grinned at her, “It’s being re-assessed! The guy who graded my test last night misread the last question and gave me no credit for it, but I had really gotten it right!”

Liss gasped, “Oh that’s horrible! How did he do that! The last question was worth a lot of points!”

I was still smiling widely, “I know, I was so sad when I saw my score sheet…I had gotten a 94.5%…I wasn’t sure how I was going to break it to you…I guess now it doesn’t matter, because I did pass!”

Liss beamed at me. “Hey, let’s go see what Tanya and Chris got!” she exclaimed as if the thought had just come to her.

“Oh yeah,” I said, “I wonder what they got!”

“Hey Chris!” I called across the table, “Did you two pass?”

“Yeah, we both did!” he replied with a smirk. \

“So did we!” I cried back, “What are we going to call our band?”

Chris and Tanya came over to us so that we could discuss just that, and after a while we all decided on the name God4U.


After graduation we all went out to a really nice sushi bar to celebrate our achievement. It had been several months of very hard work, and now we had our diplomas. I held Liss tightly against my side as we all sat down at the table we had been assigned. Technically, we were still on the apprenticeship payroll until tomorrow, so we didn’t have a limit on how much we were able to spend. The Professor had even recommended this particular sushi bar as celebration, so we were only too happy to order as much sushi as we could find room for in our stomachs.

As we waited for our food, we decided to work on composing the first song that we would play together as a band. It was a song about perseverance and how it pays off in the end. We had just finished writing the last part of the song when the sushi arrived and we dug in with gusto; it had been a long time since we had been able to have such good food.

After we had finished our celebration lunch, I called the agent that had signed us up for the apprenticeship course and he met us by the school building. He met us there as we came back from the sushi bar. “Alright,” he said, immediately getting down to business, “first we need to buy you guys some instruments.”

“You can buy them on the school’s payroll,” said the professor as he came out beaming. You all did a splendid job and I am very proud to have been your teacher! How would you two like to throw a concert tonight? If you haven’t picked out an instrument from the stores by then, the school can always allow you to borrow one of theirs for the concert.”

We all beamed as the agent immediately agreed and took the professor inside to start making plans. I turned to our new band. “Well, how does it feel to be an official band? We already have our first job!”

This was absolutely amazing! Liss and I could finally provide for each other! Not only that, I thought, but now we also have a new family to belong to! Life was certainly looking up now! I thought with a grin.

We spent all the rest of the afternoon looking around the city in various different famous music shops, browsing their instruments until we had all found an instrument that pleased us. The whole day we heard advertisement after advertisement for our concert. They were everywhere! On the radio, on TV, there were some hastily put up billboards, even skywriting! Once we had all picked out our instruments, we had them brought to the school’s concert area and set them up. It was almost dark by the time we had all finished setting up and tuning our instruments.

When we showed the professor the song we had composed he beamed at us. “You four are absolutely brilliant! He exclaimed, of course you will play this in your concert! It will be your last song!” he exclaimed proudly, and then he handed us the music for all the songs we would be playing. Many of them were songs that we had composed together before as class projects and one or two were covers of famous songs by other bands. We had two hours to practice before the crowds started to arrive.

At seven pm the concert began. We played every song perfectly, no one made even one small mistake. By the time we finished the last song the crowd cheered wildly. Once the curtains closed I got up and pulled Liss into a bear hug. “WE DID IT!” I cried happily. “THEY LOVED US!” We had a bright and happy future in front of us, never again would we be subject to that horrible Orphanage…we were free and we could provide for ourselves by doing what we loved. Music. 

The End

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