I slept well that night, Kian always made me feel better, more secure. But the morning brought the reminded that it wasn't over yet, in class Kian got taken away to record his voice for the track we were composing. I was left with Mr Evil, he smiled at me kindly and I decided to confront him.

"Sir?" I asked stepping forward; he looked up from his paperwork,

"Yes?" he asked, I began to regret it already, but I stayed strong - like Kian had told me to,

"The test you gave me, it wasn't the right one," I said, he put down his pen slowly and then removed his glasses, after rubbing his eyes slowly he placed his glasses back on his nose and scowled,

"Oh really? Why d'you say that? How do you know what went on in class whilst you were taking the time off?"

"I wasn't taking time off, I was recovering from stab wounds!" I cried, did this man not know?

"You're not good Liss; good people don't hang around people with knives!"

"Sir you know Kian and I aren't from normal society," I warned, "We didn't want to mix with these murderers!"


"Okay, I mean stabbers," I amended, "they ran into us, they were merely playing God, they thought it funny to take on a boy who wanted to protect his friend, as if she were his daughter,"

"That's beside the point, that test was what we had been learning about," he got up, towering above me,

"Kian didn't think so," I stated, this made him mad,

"Kian this, Kian that! Liss you've got to wake up to the real world if you want to live in it! It's not all about your boyfriend... or whatever he is to you!"

"I'd be dead if it wasn't for him," I muttered,

"But you're not, so move on from him. Stop trying to give back what you owe him! Concentrate on yourself, focus on your piano and take care of your voice strings..." I was about to speak be he continued, "you wouldn't have missed weeks of class if it wasn't for him!" I gasped,

"It was not his fault!" I cried,

"Oh really? You said it yourself, ‘they thought it funny to take on a boy who wanted to protect his friend, as if she were his daughter'," if Kian wasn't there, you'd have walked past scar free!"

"No!" I muttered darkly, "if Kian wasn't there, I'd either be dead or... abused,"

"Not everyone out there is like the so called people in your orphanage,"

"I've yet to find a nice person, other than Kian that is," he sat down,

"Get back to work Liss, you're behind and I could easily kick you off this course..." I went back to the keyboard and plugged in the headphones, I wanted to compose a piece instead of following the sheet music. I let my fingers slide over the keys; a depressing yet gentle sound came into my ears, making me feel better. Kian soon came back and sat next to me on the piano stool,

"Hey gorgeous," he whispered, I blushed and looked back at the keys, he put his arm around my shoulder and hugged me gently, "I love you, you make me so proud," whenever Kian said something like that to me, I could never reply, whatever I'd say would seem so insignificant compared to him. ‘I love you' just didn't seem to cut it anymore, what I felt was so much deeper than that, that words couldn't describe it. I stopped playing and rested my head into his embrace, Kian kissed my cheek and winked,

"Better get back to work, only 14 days left!" he said bouncing away, I turned back to the piano. 14 days! Then... then we'd be free to do what we liked, we'd be happy, forever!


The End

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