When I finally finished with the lessons for the day I rushed down the hall, eager to check up on Liss and make sure that she was still doing fine. I had checked up on her in between every class as well as during lunch and dinner. She had been asleep almost every time. I guess that was a good thing…it meant that her body was repairing itself right? Not to mention that while she was asleep she didn’t feel all the pain from the knife wounds.

When I got to our room Liss was still asleep. I was happy that she wasn’t in pain, but I was sad that I couldn’t be there for her. I my hand on her head and brought it down to cup her cheek, “Sleep well love,” I whispered. She really was beautiful as she lay there, all the stress and pain was completely wiped off her face as she slept peacefully and dreamlessly. I looked down at the pile of work that I had brought, which Liss was supposed to complete and grimaced. There was no way she would be able to do all of it! I quickly moved over to the desk and turned on the lamp there. Once I had seated myself; I began to work steadily on it, I was the one who had gotten her into this in the first place, those guys probably would have ignored us if I hadn’t insisted that we stay in their house, so I was at least going to lighten her work-load by as much as I could.                                    


I woke up the next day with my face cradled in my arms. I slowly brought my head up from the desk I had fallen asleep on last night and looked at the clock: 6:04 AM. I was late for breakfast! I glanced over at Liss and found that she was still blissfully sleeping. I put what was left of yesterday’s work by her bedside then hurried out to get to breakfast. At the end of the voice lessons I asked that the professor give me Liss’s work now so that I could get it to her as it was created, maybe she would be able to catch up…The professor obliged and printed out a summary of the lesson and gave me her work that needed to be done. The professor really was a kind and caring gentleman once you got to know him, and he really did enjoy what he did. He gave Liss as little work as possible while still giving her enough to make sure that she did actually learn what he was trying to teach us.

I hurried over to our room and came through the door. Liss was pouring over what was left of the work from yesterday. She gave me the evil eye when she saw me. “You stayed up way late last night to do this,” she accused me.

“But—“ I began.

“Don’t you but me, I see the dark rings around your eyes…” she reprimanded me, then her tone softened. “You have to forgive yourself Kian, it really wasn’t your fault, and there was nothing you could do! And even when there was nothing you could do…you managed to scare them off before they killed me! You are the only reason that I am still alive!”

“Yeah…and if it weren’t for me we wouldn’t have been in there house, and so they wouldn’t have bothered you in the first place!” I retorted.

“If it weren’t for you I would still be in that orphanage…” Liss said quietly, “and if this is the price that I have to pay to be free of it, then it is more than worth it. I would pay so much more in order to be with you, wherever you go.”

That caught me completely off guard and for a while I just stood there dumbly. Had she just said what I thought she said? Would she really give more than she already just had, just to be with me? “Well then, I promise you Liss: that so long as it is within my power to be your boy friend, I will.” I will give anything for you, I don’t care what it costs me, I added silently before handing her this morning’s work and explaining briefly to her about the lesson before I left for the next class.


A few days later, when I came back from the first class of the day, I found Liss crying. I immediately went up to her and sat beside her.

“I can’t take it any more Kian,” she whimpered as she pressed her head against my chest.

I carefully put my arms around her shoulders and pulled her close. “Liss, you are the most resilient and brave person I have ever met; you can’t give up now! It’s only a little longer until Christmas! And after Christmas we only have five more days of this left! I know you can do it!”

“I can’t Kian, this is too much! It was hard enough to understand all this when the teacher was there to explain it all to me! But this, this is just too much! There is no way I can cram all this into my head and expect it to stay for the skills assessment at the end of the course!”

My face softened. “All right Liss it’s time for our next class,” I said then gently picked her up and carried her to our next class. “It’s going to be ok Liss, we are going to do this,” I assured her, “together.”

Liss nodded into my chest, “Please don’t put me down,” she whispered. “When we get to class, I mean.”

I clutched her tighter to my chest, “I won’t let you go Liss, not this time.” 

The End

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