Suddenly before I knew it Kian was on his knees and I was standing there helplessly, he hand went to the back of his neck and he froze as if he couldn't move. I noticed a dart in the back of his neck as he flopped onto to the floor; I gulped as the boy laughed. He came towards me slowly, as if I were his prey and he was the predator, the other guys didn't seem as bothered but jeered him onwards, I found my centre of balance and brought up my fists - I was ready. Kian tried to move, I could tell by the look on his face, but he was stuck there, stuck like superglue. The first boy came towards me and tried to pull me closer, as he leant in, I kneed him in the groin and he groaned as he collapsed, he keeled in pain and I landed a fist in his abdomen for luck. As he sank to the ground I looked up for my next attacker, there were too many of them... Another boy looked at me and then took a step towards me, he wrapped his arms around my neck and pressed his lips to my ear,

"You're not going to enjoy this," he whispered, as his teeth traced my ear, he pressed his body against mine, I looked sideways and saw his Adam's apple, landing a fist in his throat he stepped back and clutched it, trying to draw a breath. I was ready for my next attacker as he came at me from behind, I swung my elbow round and made contact with a pair of ribs, a little crunching sound and he was on the ground. My body hadn't yet reached the state of panic, but as two came at me at once I forgot what Kian had taught me, trying to punch one in the face, the other grabbed my arm and pinned it behind my back. The other took my other arm and held it there effortlessly, despite the fact I was trying my upmost to pull it out his grip. I turned my head and saw the ‘leader' of the group kneeling by Kian, he flipped a knife out in front of Kian's face, my heart skipped a beat and I tried to scream out. He couldn't kill Kian - Kian was my life, he could kill me, but not Kian, not good, innocent Kian! I breathed a sigh of relief as he stood up, but then my heart picked up as he came towards me. I tried to wriggle out the boys' grip but they were like iron vices, I hung my head in failure, I was going to die.

I lifted my head in time to see the boy's crazy look in his eye, at that moment I hated him with all my heart, I narrowed my eyes. Why did boys have to exploit their position as the stronger sex? Why did they show no respect? What had I done to hurt him? - apart from hurting a few of his friends  - I stood no chance, I felt a tear drip down my cheek as I looked at Kian, he was the only decent boy in the world and he loved me. I was the luckiest girl in the world to have met someone as loving as Kian, even luckier that he shared the same feelings as I. He'd never exploit his power over me, he always showed respect and I loved him with all my heart. I wished I could feel his embrace one again, I wished I could feel his lips press tenderly against mine and I wished that whatever happened to me - he'd be happy, because that's what he deserved.

"You cruel animals!" I spat, two more boys appeared from behind the leader, they also had knives...

I can't recall what happened next, it all happened too fast, all I know is that it hurt. The last thing I felt was the cold, sticky, red liquid trickling down my body in a number of places and the cool relief of the pavement as I smacked my head against it and fell unconscious.


I came back into consciousness before I figured out what was happening, I knew I had died because I was warm and it was light. I felt a chaffing against my skin, but it didn't hurt. Suddenly something peeled off my skin and I felt small pricks against my skin, it began to hurt but I couldn't seem to wake myself up. Next think I knew, I was back under, in the comforting blackness.

The next time I woke up my eyes fluttered open, Kian's face was buried against my neck, his arms were constricted around my torso and I was comfortable. He seemed to be asleep as his chest rose steadily; I wondered how long I'd been here.

"Kian," I whispered, "Kian!"

"W-w-what?" Kian looked up and then saw I was awake, his face lit up and he kissed my cheek, "You're alive!" he cried in joy, I smiled a little,

"Hi," I whispered, my voice was weak; he looked at the clock and then suddenly stood up carrying me,

"We've got to go!" Kian cried, "We're late for lessons,"

"Lessons?" I asked, "I can't go...like this!" Kian placed me down on my bed,

"We have no choice, we'll be kicked off the course!" Kian cried,

"Kian, you go... you can make it as a pop star, you have the voice, the talent, the looks," I rasped, "I can't get up right now, I'm so tired..." my eyes closed, "tell Mr..." I hadn't even the effort to speak. When my eyes opened against Kian was back in the room, he could have been gone all day or I could have just blinked - had I fallen asleep?

"I came to check on you in-between classes," he smiled,

"Is he mad about my absence?" I asked, Kian pulled a face,

"You have to make up for it," he told me, "but I'll help you, how are you feeling?" he knelt down and pressed his hand against my forehead, "You're warmer, which is good," he smiled,

"I feel a little achy," I replied, "as if my body has been ripped to shreds and put back together,"

"That is kinda what happened," Kian said a tear in his eye, "and I'm so sorry it did,"

"It's not your fault Kian!" I told him resting my hand on his,

"I provoked him!" Kian said standing up, "and I can never forgive myself,"

"I forgive you, surely that's more important," I pointed out,

"It should be, but it isn't, I can never forgive myself to what I let happen to you,"

"Shush," I told him, the bell went,

"I better get back," he said,

"Kiss me," I asked, he obliged and pressed his lips against mine, his sweet breath filled my mouth, I watched as he walked out the room, I loved him too much - it was unhealthy. Closing my eyes again I imagined that this was the only peaceful sleep I'd get in a long time as I tried to catch up with my classes, and that's what happened for the next few week...and soon, it all became too much.


The End

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