I woke up the next morning to an alarm in our room that was conveniently set to ring at 5:30. I go up and yawned tiredly as I stretched my arms out above my head. I caught Liss looking at me and lowered my arms embarrassedly. Liss looked away and turned a light shade of pink as I moved into the bathroom, grinning. It felt good to know that I had that kind of effect on her. It made me feel more…powerful. I took a quick shower and put my shirt back on before vacating the bathroom for Liss. As she moved to go in I snatched her and gave her a quick kiss before letting her go in. “Love you Liss,” I called after her.

“I love you too Kian,” she said as she closed the door. I smiled; it was so nice to be able to have someone to love…especially someone as amazing as Liss.

When Liss came out of the shower and had finished brushing her hair, we started off toward the dining room/cafeteria that we had been shown last night. When we got there our teacher was waiting for us. He greeted us and seated us. “You’re breakfast will be served shortly,” he informed us with twinkling, kind, gray eyes. I already liked him…he seemed like the kind of guy who would be somewhat lenient so long as he knew you were doing your best. Just as we sat down, two other people walked in and sat down next to us.

“Hey you guys!” one of them, a boy with gray eyes and messy brown hair greeted us jovially.

“Um, hi…” I replied, unsure what to say…who were these people, our guide had said there was no one else taking this course!

“We just joined this course late last night…you two have any tips for us?” the boy asked hopefully. So that’s what it was. I was glad there was someone else taking this course besides Liss and me.

“Ah well, we just joined the afternoon of yesterday…so we haven’t had a class yet, sorry,” I apologized.

The boy shrugged good naturedly, “Ah well, that means we’ll all be on the same level! Maybe we could all form a band at the end of this and get really famous!”

I grinned and nudged Liss, “What do ya think of that Liss?”

Liss grinned and nodded shyly before leaning into me embarrassedly. I turned back to the boy, “Sounds good to me uh…”

“Call me Chris.”

“Alright,” I replied, “Sounds good to me Chris.” Then I looked over at the girl who he had entered with. She had such bright blue eyes that it made me wonder if they were natural or not…yet they had no flaws in them like contacts would so they must be natural. She also had long blonde hair that was so blonde as to be more like white with a slight gold-ish tinge all bound into a ponytail at the back of her head. “And what is your name?” I asked her conversationally.

She blushed and pressed herself against Chris’s shoulder. I smiled they apparently had a relationship as well…that was good; it meant we would be able to relate much better. “Her name is Tanya,” Chris said with a smile, “We grew up together.”

“Really?” I asked curiously, “So did Liss and I! We’ve been best friends ever since we first met…that was when we were realllly little,” I said. I nudged Liss a bit and rubbed her hair affectionately, “Wasn’t it Liss.”

Liss nodded and sat up with a smile. The food was here, and conversation ground to a halt as we concentrated on eating in the half an hour we had allotted for that purpose.

All to soon the professor guy got up and announced it was time for voice lessons. He took us to a room with a few desks and chairs and told us to be seated. As soon as we had been seated, the professor launched into our first lesson. He gave us each a little test to see where we were in our ability to sing. After each person had sung a verse of a song to him, he would nod expressionlessly and call for the next.

When we had finished he started to give us instructions on how to breathe properly when we sang. He had a very engaging way of teaching, and none of us, it seemed, were ever bored. However, it was tiring as we seldom got rest; by the end of the class, my I was beginning to go slightly hoarse.

At 9:30, the professor took us to the instruments room and we each got to go pick our instruments. I made a beeline for the drum set I had seen last night. Chris went for an electric base guitar, and Tanya chose an electric guitar. Liss went for the grand piano, but the professor shook his head. “It is not suited for the kind of music you will be playing, however, if you want to play the piano, there is a whole section of keyboards you might like over here,” he told her kindly. I watched as Liss’s face fell a little, but it quickly perked up again when she saw the keyboard; it had all kinds of different buttons and capabilities!

Once we had all chosen our instruments, the professor had us carry them to another room where we would have our instrumental lessons. Once we had set up there, he showed us how to set up our instruments properly. After setting us all up, the professor then explained to each of us how to properly clean and take care of our instrument. We spent the rest of the class period cleaning and waxing and properly polishing our instruments until they were in top condition. We also started to learn a little bit about how to tune our instruments, though Liss didn’t need to, so she got to watch me as I messed with all the knobs on the all the little drums.

After lunch we started to learn about rhythm and blues…one of the earliest forms of modern music. We learned about how it originated, what style it was, and several of the most famous musicians in that style of music. After dinner, we all unanimously chose to do more instrumental practice, so we were all given various, simple exercises to teach us different skills needed in order to actually play our instruments. I had to hit the hi-hat once every second with my right hand while hitting the snare once ever four seconds. When I first watched the professor do it I sat back thinking ‘Oh this will be easy.’ I was wrong. I just could not get my hands to do different things. I tried over and over again to only hit the snare every four seconds, but I kept hitting it every two or three seconds! I sat back with a sigh when the professor finally said we could retire to our rooms. I was absolutely exhausted! And it was only the first day!

I kissed Liss goodnight and then fell into my bed…I was asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -

Thanksgiving Day


I woke up on Thanksgiving Day at about 8 am. No school today! I thought happily, I looked over at Liss, who was still sleeping peacefully in her bed across the small room. I sighed happily, then got out of bed and headed to the bathroom for a warm shower. By the time I finished, Liss was awake and waiting her turn. As she took a quick shower I brushed my hair and changed into a form hugging, forest green, long sleeve shirt, and dark blue jeans. Of course I had my Converse to go with that (I don’t go anywhere with out my Converse unless absolutely necessary). Then I ran a brush through my hair several times before sitting on my bed to wait for Liss. It wasn’t long before I heard the hair-dryer start, and not too much longer until Liss emerged from the bathroom looking absolutely gorgeous. I smiled brightly at her, “Let’s go find us some breakfast Liss.”

“Sounds good to me,” Liss replied as she walked up to me and we linked arms before heading down the hall and out into the world again for the first time in a month.

We spent a few hours just walking around, enjoying the sights and smells of a city alive with the festivities of Thanksgiving. We stopped at a Krispy Krème and bought several donuts to keep us until lunch, which was when we planned on finding ourselves a semi-nice restaurant to eat at.

Around 1:00 pm we found a nice Italian restaurant and decided that was where we would have a light lunch (we were saving space for dinner; which our previous tour guide had promised would be a meal to remember). Liss settled against my chest after the waiter had taken our order and left. I smiled and put my arm around her, snuggling her up tighter against me. “It’s nice to finally have a break from school!” Liss sighed happily. “I mean, I love the professor, but the work is just so hard! And we only have Sunday off!”

“It’s true, but have you noticed how much we have improved! When we started we didn’t know how to play at all! Now, only one month later, we are all able to play together with only a very few mistakes!” I replied. I was so thankful I had Liss here with me. Alone, I don’t think I would have been able to have done this intensive class.

“Yeah,” Liss sighed, “and just think how good we will be by the time we graduate! We’ll probably one of the best bands there is!”

I grinned, now there was a thought! Our food arrived soon after and we ate it up hungrily; we hadn’t ordered much, so it wasn’t long before we had finished it. I left a huge tip for the waiter (after all, he was working on Thanksgiving! He deserved something more than usual!) and then we both left and headed back to the school.

The weather had taken a turn for the worse, and the bruised, purple sky looked like it was about to let loose a torrent of rain any second. This being the case, Liss and I decided to take a shortcut through the downtown area. As we walked down a small alleyway, a group of teens walked by and one of them pointed at us and grinned evilly; he was the leader of the group of teens who had attacked Liss in the house a while back. I growled heavily, this time he wasn’t going to escape.

He just laughed at me, then put a long tube to his mouth and blew at me. I felt a sting at the base of my neck, but before I could even raise my hand to it, I sunk to my knees, and then fell to the side. What was happening? I had lost complete control over my muscles! I couldn’t move at all!

The gang moved up to us slowly, and I watched proudly as Liss took the fighting stance I had taught her. She would at least be able to take down most of them…if she remembered what I had taught her so far…her training wasn’t finished though, and that worried me. I needed to somehow get back control of my body! I struggled hard against the invisible bonds that seemed to hold me so tightly. But still nothing moved. I watched helplessly as the boys moved in on Liss. The first boy came out insolently and tried to grab at Liss. Big mistake. She kicked him between the legs and he doubled over in pain, as he bent over she also got in a punch to his stomach. The boy fell over and lay motionless on the ground…he was out for the count.

I watched as Liss successfully fought off several more of the boys, but she made one mistake too many and eventually, they subdued her. Once they had her, the leader came up to me and spat in my face, “Now you get to watch what I do to people who don’t do what I tell them to,” he sneered.

I would have ripped his head off if I had had control of my body right then, and I think he knew it because he laughed cruelly before flipping out his knife and turning to Liss. My eyes widened. He was going for Liss! I struggled all the harder, then stopped cold as I heard Liss scream. A cold, steely anger rose up inside of me as rain began to pour down from the dark sky. Liss screamed again as several of the other boys flipped out their knives as well and began to take slices at her. A loud, rumbling roar tore out of my throat and I somehow managed to pull myself up, despite the effects of the drugs that I assumed had been on the dart the leader had used.

All the boys froze as the blood drained from their faces and they stared at me like deer caught in the headlights of a Jeep. “Get. Away. From my. Girl.” I growled heavily at them, fighting to keep my limbs from shaking. Immediately they dropped their knives and ran away as fast as they could. As soon as they were out of sight I took one step toward Liss’s limp form before collapsing again. I would have to wait until the drug wore off…I didn’t have anywhere near the strength to get home by myself, let alone while carrying Liss. Blood and rain were forming a pinkish pool around Liss and my brain just couldn’t take it anymore. Blackness engulfed me and I let it take me for a while, there was little I could do anyhow until the drug wore off.

When I woke up the rain was still pouring down hard, and I was freezing. I quickly got up and looked for Liss. She was a ghostly white and the water around her was stained red not pink, even during this heavy rain, it was red. I quickly gathered her up, she felt like ice! I could feel her chest rising and falling ever so slightly and sighed in relief, she was still alive. I pressed her face against my shoulder and pressed my head against hers, “Oh Liss, don’t you dare die! I can’t live without you,” I whispered as I began to run toward the school.

When we got there I immediately took her to our room and got out all the medical supplies from the bathroom. I laid her out carefully in my bed and gently toweled her dry. I could see color beginning to return to her skin as the warmth of the room started to heat her up as well. I got out a needle and medical thread, then carefully rolled up her shirt to expose her stomach (which was where they had cut her the most and the deepest, though they had gotten her face and arms as well) and began to disinfect and sew up her wounds. I spent three hours carefully tending to every single cut, and when I had finished I wrapped her up in my blanket and carried her to the couch, where I held her tightly against my chest, hoping to share some of my body heat as well as having her close. I needed to know that she was still alive, I had been so scared that she was going to die…now that I was pretty sure she wouldn’t, I needed to some time to recover from the mental scarring I had just received. Liss wasn’t going to be able to walk for the next few days…which meant that I would have to carry her from class to class during that time…I knew the professor wouldn’t let us skip class, even with an excuse such as ours. I let out a shaky breath and pressed my forehead into Liss’s neck, “I love you so much Liss,” I started to cry.

The End

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