I couldn't set my eyes upon one instrument, I scanned the guitars, the woodwinds, the brass and at last my eyes rested upon a piano. The white and black keys looked so simple but as I pushed down a key, a beautiful noise filled my ears, this was for me. It was a grand piano and it stood so tall and proud right in the centre I was surprised Kian hadn't chosen it, the man looked angrily at me as I pressed the key,

"Sorry," I apologized; I looked at Kian who was awestruck staring at a drum set.

"What do we do now?" Kian asked his hand subtly rested on the symbol,

"I need to give you a tour," the man said turning round and leading us to a dinning hall, "This is where you eat," he said, "the food here is good, but even better on Thanksgiving and Christmas," Kian smiled and went on. I hesitated to look at the stretch of tables and chairs, there was space for lots of people in the apprenticeship - but where were they? The place still seemed eerily quiet as we were shown the practise rooms,

"Where is everybody?" Kian asked looking at his watch,

"No one is here," Mr Dumont replied, "They can't handle the pressure," I gulped as Kian took my hand and we went into the dark outside, "Out here is the grounds, where you can sometimes perform on the stage, which you can't see in the dark, it's over there," he pointed out into the darkness,

"Cool," I muttered, we turned back inside and went to the dorm rooms,

"Here is your room, get to sleep because it all starts tomorrow," the man handed us a key and we stepped inside. The room was bare with two beds and an en-suite which bore a toilet, sink and shower. Kian closed the curtains and smiled at me,

"We better get to sleep, it all sounds pretty intense," he took off his T-shirt; I gazed at him fondly and then looked away as he caught me staring.

"Yeah, I am tired," I said yawning, I climbed into the bed after changing and brushing my teeth. Kian lay across the small bland room and smiled again at me,

"I love you," he said,

"I love you too," I replied closing my eyes, I heard Kian fumbling to turn the switch off and then darkness wrapped around us. I tried to let sleep find me but I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was up... something bad was coming, and I didn't know what.


The End

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