"I want to!" I said after a moment, Kian smiled at me and our director patted my back,

"You're going to be HUGE!" he cried, Kian continued to smile, he was elated. I was more cautious, I was used to building up hopes to only have them destroyed again. Kian turned to me,

"You're not excited." he stated,

"I am," I told him, then I sighed, I couldn't lie, "It all seems too good to be true, I don't want to get ahead of myself," I told him, he smiled,

"What could go wrong?" he asked rhetorically,

"Sorry, I'm bumming you out," I sighed, "I should be thrilled, I don't know why I'm not,"

"How about if I took you out?" Kian asked, I looked at him,

"What? Where?"

"On a date, our first date, to celebrate?" he offered,

"I'd love to," I said a smile playing on my lips, he put his arm over my shoulder,

"You think we can leave?" he asked, I shrugged, Kian ducked into the office and came out grinning, "We can go, and we've got a little something," he waved a card in front of my eyes,

"Ooo a piece of plastic!" I said sarcastically, "What's it for? Scraping gum off your shoes?" Kian raised an eyebrow,

"You don't know what this is?" he asked, I shook my head,

"Should I?"

"This my friend is a credit card, we type in a code and out comes money," I opened my mouth in awe,

"So it's limitless? Who pays?" I asked looking around for some kind man with a halo,

"It's a company card," Kian grinned, "I think the apprenticeship company pay for it," I couldn't help being impressed,

"Where are you going to take me?" I asked,

"No, no," he shook his head, "We're going to do this properly," I opened my mouth to ask, but he interrupted, "Go into the dressing room and help yourself to an outfit," he told me,

"Am I allowed?" I asked,

"Yes, now go," Kian pushed me away and I turned in confusion and went into the room. There was a rail of clothes, I sighed, if only I had a dress sense. I flicked through the rails looking at each item of clothing, there was a knock on the door, I jumped, maybe I shouldn't be in here?

"Hello?" I said carefully,

"Hurry up!" Kian burst, I smiled,


"You're such a..." Kian laughed, "You're such a girl!" I smiled,

"Give me five minute," I told him going back to the rail. I had to choose fast, I closed my eyes and reached out; my hands came into contact with a hanger. I pulled it towards me and opened my eyes; in my hands was a short red cocktail dress, I raised an eyebrow, as fancy as it was I wanted to wear it. I shrugged, pulling off my clothes and putting on the dress. I checked in the mirror that it looked okay; it fitted fine and didn't look bad. I pulled down my hair and let it fall around my shoulders; the curls were loose and framed my face. I went onto my hands and knees to find some suitable shoes, I pulled out a pair of high heels and smiled, these would do.

"It's been ten minute Liss!" Kian called,

"I'm coming!" I snapped, Kian laughed again, I slid the shoes onto my feet and stood up. I took a deep breath as I opened the door, Kian stood outside in a tuxedo, he beamed as I stepped forward. "Liss... you look..." Kian didn't finish,

"...Bad? Silly? Ugly?" I asked, Kian shook his head,

"No, you look beautiful!" Kian said, he took his hand from behind his back and handed me a rose, "It matches perfectly," he smiled,

"Thanks," I smiled taking it from him and buried my nose in the petals,

"Shall we?" Kian asked, I smiled and took his arm,

"I feel like royalty," I told Kian as he opened the door for me. Kian smiled again,

"You are a princess," he told me. My cheeks glowed pink as I went down the steps.


The End

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