I woke up from another uneasy sleep and looked at Kian; his arms were wrapped around me and his face as peaceful as a child's. I wriggled out his embrace and found a mirror in a neighbouring room, looking at my reflection I cringed. My hair was scraggy and knotty; I ran my fingers through it trying to smooth it out. I turned the tap of the sink and a trickle of browny-black water trickled out, I waited a moment and then some colourless water trickled through, I turned the tap but the same amount of water trickled into the sink. I cupped my hand under it and washed my face, once I had got rid of the dirt on my face I looked back into the mirror - acceptable. My brown eyes stared back at me, I shivered, I would kill for a shower. Looking at the shower to my right I half-considered it, but looking at the green mould which climbed up the walls and the damp which rose around the room, I pushed the thought out my head. I tied my hair back and went back into the bedroom; Kian was still fast asleep his head lolled over the floor. I decided not to wake him and went downstairs; there was nothing in this place which was useful. I went into the garden and let the morning sun warm my cheeks, I smiled to myself, no matter how bad the situation I was in, I was always made happy by the sun. I watched a mother carry her child across the street, the child held onto his mother's neck and gripped tightly. The mother rubbed his back and hugged him. I sighed, I wanted that. A man and a woman walked hand in hand away from me, the woman turned to the man and he stroked her face, she kissed him goodbye and went in the opposite direction. I wondered what my parents were like. Two teenagers walked down the street towards me, they were smiling and messing about. I smiled at them kindly and the boy smiled back, the girl watched him affectionately and stopped by the gate which acted as a barrier between the street and the garden I was sat in.

"Good morning," the girl said to me, "Are you alright?" she checked, I nodded,

"I'm good,"

"Why are you crying?" the boy asked, my hand flew to my cheek and I felt a drop,

"I don't know," I admitted, the girl smiled,

"What's your name?" she asked,

"Felicity," I replied, "You?"

"Alice and this is Jack," she said pointing at the boy, "Come on Jack, we're going to be late to school," Alice said pulling Jack with her,

"It was nice meeting you," I said as they left, the girl smiled and nodded,

"You too Felicity," I sat back and watched them walk off,

"Who were they?" came Kian's voice, he sounded angry,

"Just some people," I replied getting up and walking to him, "They just stopped to say hello,"

"You shouldn't wander off, you worried me," Kian told me,

"Sorry you looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake you," I told him. He sighed and helped me up,

"Let's go do some filming," he said, I stopped,

"That's today?"

"Yes," Kian rolled his eyes,

"I look awful!" I complained, I tried to go back to the building, Kian's arms wrapped around me and stopped me from moving, "Let me go!" I cried, Kian laughed,

"You look beautiful," he said releasing me but blocking my path,

"I can't remember the last time I washed myself," I told him, "I've never applied makeup and I haven't had a haircut in years!" Kian tilted his head and surveyed me,

"And besides all that, you look divine," he told me, I swatted him away and sighed,

"I guess we need the money..." I trailed off, "maybe they'll do a makeover on us!" I grinned,

"Ohh fingers crossed!" Kian added sarcastically, "I've always wanted to wear eyeliner," I rolled my eyes at him,

"Let's go before we get in trouble," I told him heading down the path.


The End

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