"Felicity Power," I said,

"Power?" he asked, Kian smirked,

"It's... powerful," I said grinning, for the first time things were looking up and I was in good spirits. Kian opened the door for me and we walked out into the street,

"You were amazing!" he said flabbergasted,


"I think acting is your calling," he said, I grinned,

"It was fun!" I admitted, "And not as scary as I expected,"

"What shall we do now?" Kian asked. I didn't answer as I looked around the city, I realised how unaware I was by at that happened around me - I guess it was a side effect from spending your life in an orphanage. "What shall we do?" he repeated,

"I want to explore, I want to find out what happens here, I want to know about the city,"

"Sure," Kian agreed smiling at me with eyes which were searching my motive,

"Where shall we go first?" I asked,

"There's no better way to watch the people than being with the people," Kian said pulling me into a café, we took some seats by the window and let time fly passed, it took us almost an hour to drink our shared coffee and eat our shared slice of cake.

"I'll go get the bill," I said glancing at my watch, Kian smiled at me with glinting eyes - I couldn't tell what he was thinking when he looked at me that way. I stood up and felt his eyes on my back as I went to the till,

"Can I have the bill please?" I asked the woman, she smiled and handed it to me on a plate with two mints. Kian was now gazing absentmindedly out the window; I saw his lips were moving. Instead of paying straightaway I walked slowly and quietly towards him, who was he talking to?

"No, I can't tell her," he muttered, I stood right behind him quietly, "I mustn't," I waited, what did he want to tell me - or didn't as the case may be? "She doesn't feel the same way,"

"Who doesn't?" I spoke up, Kian almost jumped a mile in the air as he spun round, his eyes were wide as if he were caught in the headlights,

"Did you pay the bill?" Kian asked,

"Who doesn't?" I repeated, he wasn't going to sidetrack me,

"What?" he acted innocent,

"I heard what you said, don't play the fool," I warned him, "Do you have a girlfriend?" I asked,

"No!" Kian spat as if it was the most peculiar thing he'd heard, "Where did that come from?"

"Who doesn't feel the same way?" I asked,

"I was singing a song," he said bashfully,

"What's the song called?" I asked,

"It hasn't got a name, I made it up,"

"You write songs?" I almost laughed,

"I do occasionally," he retorted,

"Sing it to me," I pushed,


"Why not?"

"It's not ready yet,"

"When it is?"

"Then you shall hear it," Kian bargained. I smiled at him and then handed him the bill,

"I have no money,"

"Me either," Kian whispered,

"Great!" I said sarcastically, a man turned around in his seat and looked at us; I tried to ignore his stares,

"I guess I'll work here until I get the wages to repay them..." Kian said absentmindedly, "that's what you have to do if you don't have $3.50," he said looking at the cheque,

"We don't even have $3.50!" I cried, "we're penniless," I said sitting down on the chair,

"Here," the staring man handed us a $5 note, Kian took it without any questions and went to pay,

"Thanks," I told him sincerely, the man smiled and nodded,

"Oh and by the way, he wasn't singing a song," the man said inclining his head to Kian's back, "he was talking to himself... about love I think."


The End

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