I took Liss out around the city, it was time to do some price shopping to see where we could get the lowest price for edible food. It turned out we could get decent sandwiches at this one grocery store in Walmart for only a dollar, we would be living off sandwiches for a while. After that I went and bought a newspaper for fifty cents and opened it to the jobs section. One job in particular caught my eye, “Actors for television commmercials, needed: two teens, one male one female, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY”

“Liss! Look at this!” I exclaimed excitedly, “this is perfect! We should go get the interview now!”

Liss read it and was just as thrilled about it as I was. We made our way to the building where the interviews were held and waited in line four other teens. One was a tall bean-pole of a guy with messy brown hair and very shabby clothes. He had furtive brown eyes that were always looking back and forth as if he expected a whip to burst in at any moment and beat him to the ground. There was a girl by his side who was equally messy and skinny. She had softer blue eyes however and she looked like a kind heart that had just fallen on bad times. The other duo looked much more well-off. The boy had very well-styled light brown hair with blue highlights that matched his eyes. He wore a red designer T-shirt and brand-new Armani jeans. The girl next to him had deep red lipstick on and artfully applied eyeliner to go with her proud, brown eyes.  Silky, dark brown hair flowed down her back, hanging loosely at her waist. She also had a designer shirt on and Armani jeans to match the boy’s.

The door opened and a receptionist led the poorer-looking group in first. I led Liss to some seats and sat down next to her. When  I looked over I realized that she was wearing the locket I had gotten for her with some money I had found in the house. It went wonderfully with her brown hair and eyes. I wanted to put my arm around her and hold her close to me and let her know I would never ever leave her. But I quickly squelched the urge; it wasn’t my place anymore, I had lost that privilege yesterday.

“Kian,” Liss called my name quietly.

“Hmm?” I enquired as I turned my head to look at her.

“Thank you for the locket…it’s beautiful.” She said, still quietly, as she fingered the the heart engraved with a flowery “F” for Felicity.

I smiled at her, at least she like what I had gotten her…“You are very welcome Liss.”

She leaned her head against my shoulder and it was all I could to either tense up, or put my arm around her. I didn’t deserve her love, but I also didn’t want to hurt her more.

About half an hour later the first group came out and took a seat opposite us. The receptionist motioned the rich kids in next. As they went inside Liss nudged her head through an opening in between my arm and chest, bringing my arm around her shoulders. I automatically tightened my grip around her, holding her closer and she settled down with her head against my chest. I couldn’t loosen my grip now, I just couldn’t. Despite what I had done, I still needed Liss. So instead I relished this moment with her against me, I certainly wouldn’t be letting it happen again. Liss needed to be able to function on her own, best start soon.

It wasn’t long before the door opened and the two rich kids stormed out of the building. Good, less competition that way. I got up and Liss followed me into the interview room. She clutched at my hand as we entered and I squeezed it reassuringly. The man who was waiting inside saw us and his eyes lit up. “You two are perfect! Let me see you two hug!”

I was slightly confused, but drew Liss up to me and wrapped my arms around her. She buried her head in my chest self-consiously and I rested my cheek against the top of her head. “You guys are great! You actually look like you mean it!” the auditioner cried happily. He got up and handed us both a sheet of paper. “Read that over and memorize it as best you can in ten minutes then recite it to me,” he ordered.

I took the sheet of paper, it was an add about deoderant. I quickly read it then tried to recite it in my mind. Our ten minutes were up and the man took our sheets away. I gave him my lines, stumbling over them in one or two places, but over all I did a relatively good job. When it was Liss’s turn she recited her lines flawlessly and the auditioner applauded her at the end. “You two are amazing! If you come in at nine AM tomorrow morning you can get to work immediately! The pay is seven ninety-nine ($7.99) an hour and you will work from nine AM to five PM. Does that work for you two?”

I looked at Liss who nodded. “Yes sir, that works fine for us, we’ll be there.”

“Good, then we’ll see you tomorrow,” the man told us with a smile, “just report to the front desk…what are your names by the way?”

“I’m Kian and this is Liss.”

“Last names?” the man asked.

“We have none.”

“You don’t have last names?” the auditioner exclaimed surprisedly.

“No sir, we’ve been orphans for as long as we can remember sir,” I replied.

The man’s features softened simpathetically, “Ah, in that case…just choose one for now.”

I thought about it for a bit, “McLane.”

I looked at Felicity, “What about you?” I asked.

She hesitated, “I don’t know…I’ve never really thought about it. What do you think?”

I grinned, “You aren’t getting out of it that easily Liss, pick a name you have always liked or something.”

The End

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