That night I had a nightmare;

I had woken up in the house we had been in before, and once again Kian wasn't there, I heard voices and hid. They found me, picked me up, pushed me around. They did things to me and I had no power to stop them. Where was Kian? He usually came to save me; he was always there for me... not tonight when I needed him most. Tears ran down my face as I gave in and stopped the fight, I had lost.

In the morning the dream still seemed vivid to me, I woke up and searched the room for Kian who was slouched in front of the door half asleep. He noticed my movement and looked up; he smiled kindly at me,

"Bad dream?" he asked,

"How did you know...?"

"You were crying," he said shuffling over to my cardboard bed. He didn't wrap his arms around me as I wanted him to; instead he rested his hand on mine. "I'll always be here," he whispered.

"I know," I replied, I stood up with his help,

"I'm so sore," I complained,

"Good your muscles are working," he smiled, "Let's go find some breakfast." He opened the door for me and we went outside into the hot Californian air, I smiled walking down the path as the sun radiated onto my face, I had missed the sun in the orphanage.

"Where are we heading?" I asked,

"I have no money," Kian said searching his pockets,

"Me either,"

"We really need to get jobs," Kian said looking at a food stand, "I think I have an idea," he smiled and pulled me along to it,

"Sir!" he called to the man serving, "I'll work for you this morning in return for food,"

"What's in it for me?"

"Business," he replied,

"I'll take you, but not your lady friend," he said,

"Please?" Kian begged,

"You can halve your food with her," he smiled and threw an apron at Kian. Kian shrugged,

"Just hang around here will you?" he asked,

"Sure," I smiled; Kian hopped up next to the man and began to fry some sausages, the man turned to Kian,

"No no, I can do this job, you go and grab some more meat from the man down there," he pointed at a man selling meat along the street, Kian took the money and nodded. "On second thoughts, buy the meat, bring it back and keep the change," Kian grinned, gave back his apron and jogged over to the man. While he was away I picked up the small gift he had given me yesterday, I unwrapped the tissue from around it and pulled out a necklace. It was a silver locket, my heart picked up as I looked at it - it was so beautiful. I looked up to see Kian purchasing some strange looking meat, he turned and walked backing giving it back to the man on the stall. "Thanks son," I put the gift into my pocket quickly, I wanted to thank Kian when there were less people around.

"No, thank you!" Kian called as we headed off, "time to spend $10!" he grinned. 


The End

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