Kian seemed to be beating himself up about the whole deserting thing, and so I was glad he could take his mind off it by teaching me to fight. At first he taught me the basics,

"Don't punch with your thumb in your fist," I nodded and made a fist, "Now hit me," he said offering me his arm, I shook my head, "Punch me..." he said again,

"I don't want to hurt you," I said, Kian laughed,

"You couldn't hurt me," he scoffed,

"That's why I want lessons," I retorted,

"I just want to see what you're capable of," he said coming closer, "as hard as you can," he repeated, I coiled my arm and launched it at his arm, it bounced back off and Kian smiled.


"Did I hurt you?" I asked concerned, Kian weighed up his response,

"Not really, but you can work on it," he said smiling kindly, I sighed,

"My arms are like weeds," I said holding it up,

"They're perfect," Kian said, "now throw another,"

"How can I improve?" I asked,

"Rotate it in the air," I nodded,

"Ready?" I asked,

"Bring it," he grinned. I punched his arm as hard as I could,

"Much better," he grinned, "one last time..." I grinned and punched his arm, however this time Kian's arms wrapped around me, not painfully but so I couldn't wriggle away. He lifted me up and spun me round, he placed me down,

"Now your attacker probably won't do that, but be prepared for the repercussions," he told me, I nodded,

"Right, so what should I have done? Punched you in the face?" I asked,

"Could do," Kian laughed, "Or pushed me away,"

"Try again," I said, I was getting into this. Kian smiled and readied himself, I punched his arm, he advanced on me, I backed away, threw both my hands at him and shoved him hard. Kian didn't budge and I fell to the ground, immediately he helped me up.

"Maybe we should work on shoving too?" he asked, I nodded blushing.

"We've got our work cut out," I smiled,

"Just remember I'm full of illegal drugs to make me strong, if you can fight me you can fight pretty much anyone," I nodded.

"And you just remember that every guy has a weak spot," Kian mashed his eyebrows,


"You know," I winked, "Anyway, I'm not afraid to use it," Kian smiled,

"That's my girl," he mussed my hair, I pushed his arm away and smiled up at him.

"Arm wrestle?" I asked, "I'm allowed to use two arms," Kian grinned,

"Oh I'm ready," he said laughing. 


The End

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