As I walked up to the door of our new home I was almost whistling with happiness. Liss would love what I had just gotten for her. I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face! As I entered the house I saw the same group of teens from the street the day we got out of the hospital. They were all gathered around Liss, and one had his disgusting arms around her as she screamed at him. Anger filled my chest and I ground my teeth. HOW DARE THEY TOUCH HER!

"Get your filthy hands of her!" I roared at them. My vision was turning red as anger flashed through me, causing my arms to twitch and spasm.

"And who are you?" one of the boys asked suspiciously (and not a little scared) as they all turned around to look at me.

"I know him...” another piped up.

"He's that dude!" the first boy said, rolling up his sleeves. "Let's get him!" he grinned as another boy flexed.

They began to walk toward me, and I welcomed them. I wanted to kill them for touching Liss. I was certainly going to teach these guys a major lesson in how to treat girls. As the first one came I grabbed him by the collar and hurled him into two other oncoming morons. I quickly marched over to them and kicked all three of them in the side of the head, knocking them out.

"Who's next?" I growled and bristled at them.

"We won't hurt you," began the obvious leader of the group, "if you get out of my house."

"Kian, let's go," Liss put in before I could refuse the idiot’s offer.

I looked over at Liss and saw the fear written all over her face; suddenly I just wanted to hold her and tell her I would never let this happen again. I wanted her to know that she would always be safe and I would never ever leave her side. "Okay," I said, sighing heavily. I waited for her to get to me, and then escorted her out of the house and down the street.

"Where did you go?” Liss asked me once we had gotten far enough away. “I just wake up and there are a load of strangers coming into the house. I managed to hide and then all the dust makes me sneeze and boom! They know about me, then they start talking to me and treating me like a piece of meat!"

"I went to get something," I told her, already mentally beating myself bloody.

"You could have brought me with you, I knew there was something weird about the house, and then you just left me there alone!" Liss complained. She had every right to complain. I had been a complete idiot leaving her alone in a random house like that. I felt very guilty and wished there was a wall handy to start beating my head against. Only thing was: that wouldn’t help because I had a titanium plate just beneath the skin of my forehead and knuckles…benefits of the orphanage.

"I am so sorry Liss, but I wanted to get this..." I told her, pulling out a small package and handing it to her. "Open it later."

"Is there anything I can do to make up for this?" I asked plaintively, knowing there wouldn’t be anything, how could you make up for what I had just done? How could there possibly be anything in this world to make up for leaving the one person you care about alone to get raped? I felt worse then I ever had in my whole life, and that was saying a whole heck of a lot.

"Yeah there is actually," she said, my hopes perked up slightly, but even if she did forgive me, I never would forgive myself…"Teach me to fight!"

I swallowed a lump in my throat, normally I wouldn’t have even considered it, but after what I had just done…I would do just about anything to earn her forgiveness. I pursed my lips in a grimace but gave in pretty quickly, “Alright, we’ll start as soon as we find another place to stay.” I informed her.

Normally this point would be where I retreated someplace completely private and mentally thrashed myself, but there was no way I was going to leave Liss’s side for even a second after what had just happened. Besides, I didn’t trust myself to be alone…I might actually do something physical to myself. I walked along Liss’s side quietly, still flogging myself mentally as we walked. It would be a very long time before I finally forgave myself for this…if I ever did forgive myself at all. Meanwhile I would make sure to take good care of Liss, never again would I let someone hurt her, or look at her funny without her permision. And if I ever saw those boys again…they were going to pay for what they did.

An abandoned appartment building loomed up to our side and I took Liss into it. We would stay here for the night. I looked around quickly…no signs of recent human inhabitation at all. Everything had been stripped bare. Even the railings on the stairs had been ripped off and taken away. I led Liss up the first flight of steps and went into the first empty room. The door closed with a creak and I jammed the rusty lock in place. No one would be getting in here without my knowing it now.

I turned to Liss who was looking at me weirdly, I decided to ignore it, “Alright, let’s start your training.”

“You know,” Liss put in quietly, “you don’t have to teach me if you don’t want to, I’ll forgive you anyways.”

I shook my head, “I’ll teach you, I don’t seem to be able to do a competent enough job myself and you need to be safe.”

Liss sighed heavily and looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes. I wanted to run my hand across her cheek, but instead I looked away. I wasn’t worthy. I had failed her. She had trusted me, and I had betrayed that trust. 

The End

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