I looked at the IV needle in my arm and felt faint, a dull ache formed around the pierced area but it was the opposite arm to the last injection and I was feeling better already. Kian came in through the curtain and strode right over to me,

"They didn't hurt you did they?" he asked concerned,

"They were nice..." I said thinking back to the time in the orphanage; the people were here were kind, thoughtful and sympathetic,

"You had me so worried Liss," he cried as he took a seat and stared at me, I looked back at him and then caught sight of myself in the metal bed rail,

"Ugh, I'm a mess," I said bringing my hand to my face, Kian gently peeled it away,

"You're always beautiful to me," he said kindly, I pulled a face, I hated compliments,

"Kian you don't have to say that to make me feel better," I told him,

"I don't have to say it, but sometimes you have to tell the truth," I looked down and noticed he still had hold of my hand, his fingers slid in between mine and he stood up leaning over me. "You're so precious to me," he whispered, I blushed but he probably couldn't see it under the dirt and bruises,

"Kian you're pretty special too," I said bring his hand up to my heart, he looked down at my chest and sighed,

"I can't believe I let them beat you up," with my other hand I lifted his face to look at mine,

"You didn't let them beat me up Kian, you defended me, remember?" I told him passionately, "I don't get why you feel it your... your duty to protect me,"

"I have no choice Liss..." he said,

"What? Why?" I asked,

"Because it's just something I have to do, no questions asked. I'd jump in front of a bullet for you any day,"

"Why? I'm nothing special, you're far more valuable than me," I told him bluntly,

"The way you look at yourself is ludicrous," he said fervently. I rolled my eyes and rested my head on the pillow; I wasn't in the mood to debate with Kian, he usually won anyhow. "Tired?" he guessed, I merely nodded. He sat back in his chair and played with my fingers; I allowed him that as I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep. I couldn't. I felt so bad, I was always mean to Kian and I didn't know why he tolerated it, if I were Kian I'd have deserted me long ago. He was persistent and even when I told him to stop, he'd carry on and deep down I relished him telling me I was beautiful and that he'd do anything for me, I knew he was always truthful - he couldn't actually lie - and it warmed my heart to know someone cared about me. I felt his lips brush my fingers but I was too close to sleep to dwell on it, I enveloped into darkness, peace and unconsciousness.


"Morning Felicity," said a voice, my eyes were already open and glued to the man with a needle,

"Don't... please!" I cried. I knew he'd inject me nevertheless, his evil eyes and chunky fingers, I blinked. Before me stood a pleasant looking man with a kind smile, he came towards me,

"It won't hurt Felicity," he said gently, I didn't even notice the needle slide in; I relaxed back down and recovered from my flashback from the orphanage. I knew it would always spook me, the dirt, the sickness, the punishments and the torture. I didn't know how I'd have survived it without Kian, that reminded me,

"Where's Kian?" I asked,

"He stayed over night, I think he's having a shower," replied the man, I smiled at least he was being looked after, "He didn't want to leave you, but we persuaded him with the promise of new clothes." I smiled again, although I'd spent a night asleep I was still tired, "The police want to talk to you," said the doctor as he filled in a form, I groaned, "I'll send them in later," he promised. I smiled in response and watched him fill in the form. The way the pen scratched against the paper suddenly brought back more memories, memories which I thought I'd forgotten, it took me back to when I first met Kian...


Four - the age when testing began, I was automatically entered into the child group. I stood in a single file line with other 4 year olds, I was the new one, the one who didn't know what was about to happen. Another small hand grasped mine and I turned to see a small blond boy with beautiful green eyes, he had smiled at me and then looked forward. I followed his gaze and watched as a bald man with a clipboard allowed children into the clinic one by one. As the door was closed on the first child there was an ear-wrenching scream, the boy's hand tightened around mine and he turned and whispered in my ear,

"It's not as bad as it sounds," I turned to look at him again, my deep brown eyes wide with concern, "Promise," he mouthed. I did not know what lay in store but as a lifeless child was carried out I began to back away, the boy tried to pull me back into the queue but I wasn't having it. I yanked my hand out of his and turned round, ready to run as fast as I could away from it, however I ran straight into a man over 6 foot. I looked up at him, his face didn't soften as he looked down at me, he grabbed me by the arms and carried me to the front, his fingers constricted around me.

"We've got a newbie," he said gruffly, "We tend to do these first, so as not to scare them off," the man with the clipboard bowed his head in agreement,

"She'll go next," he reported, I gulped as I was let back down to my level, my collar was grabbed by the man and I waited in line. As I was escorted into the room I glanced back at the boy who had taken my hand, his face wasn't smug or saying ‘I told you so,' he showed genuine concern. He smiled half-heartedly as the door closed on me.

I can't report what happened in that room, mainly because I cannot bring myself to think of it, I can tell you though that when I recovered a few days later, Kian was the first face I saw.

The End

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