Everything seemed faint around me, like I was in a bubble or underwater, it all had a dreamlike quality about it – or rather a nightmarelike quality. I gazed at my bloodied hand and then up at Kian,

“Liss! What’s wrong? Was it the beatings?” he asked, I knew he’d continue to ramble and I may as well show him, my arm had been particularly sore today and so I carefully rolled the off-white sleeve up and showed him my arm. The were an obvious puncture where the needle had gone in, dark red skin surrounded it and it was slightly swollen, Kian pulled me in tight and hugged me. I tried not to let my red hand touch his clothes, I pulled away and let Kian rest my feet on the ground, I wiped my hand on the wall and then cleaned it. Kian just watched me with a concerned face, I smiled up at him, he was a lot taller than me and he was perfectly toned, his muscles protruded out from his tight shirt.

“I really should take you to the hospital,” he said,

“It’ll blow our cover,” I told him, “Besides I’m feeling a little better,” I smiled,

“Felicity I’ve known you for years, I can tell when you’re lying,” he said, his face still full of concern, I tried to brush it off,

“I’m fine,” I pushed, Kian continued to analyse me, his eyes swept over my frame,

“You’re so fragile,” he whispered, almost to himself, I rolled my eyes,

“I’m sturdy enough to take you,” I grinned, his face soften,

“I’d like to see you try,” he said provocatively,

“Bring it,” I said standing up straight, he came towards me, I gulped, his arms wrapped around me and he pulled me up to his chest,

“Sturdy huh?” he laughed, our faces were inches away,

“You forgot my friend,” I began, “I have the power,” he raised an eyebrow, “It’s not my fault if I use it,”

“I’m intrigued what are you going to do?” he asked,

“Blackmail,” I grinned, he smiled,

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “Because if you don’t put me down I’ll… I’ll…” I wracked my brains, what could I do in this situation which would make him put me down? I gazed at his face as I thought,

“You’ll…?” he continued,

“I’ll kiss you!” I cried, there was a moment’s silence, Kian’s face changed from a challenging expression to an expression of surprise, to an expression of smugness,

“Go on then,” he roused,

“Scared?” I asked,

“Terrified,” he replied grinning, I slowly leaned forward my lips pouting; he was going to give in any moment. He was my best friend, best friends didn’t kiss. He watched as I inclined my head towards him, instead of pulling away he quickly leaned in and kissed me first, my heart picked up as he closed his eyes. He inclined his head towards me again, this time I pulled away,

“Kian?” I asked, he opened his eyes,


“What are you doing?” I asked calmly,

“I’m proving you’re fragile,” he replied just as calmly,

“Please put me down,” I said quietly, he obeyed, once I was on my two feet I looked back up at him. “Well I guess I won,” I smiled,

“That was all a hoax?” he asked,

“No, that wasn’t planned at all but I made you do what I want.” I smiled, “I have the power,” I flexed my non-swollen arm and laughed,

“Did you want to kiss me?” he asked,

“I thought it would freak you out,”

“You’re forgetting three things Liss, you’re the only person I care about, I’m sixteen – almost a man not a kid anymore, and you’re beautiful,” I rolled my eyes and turned away, walking down the deserted pavement, Kian caught up with me,

“Perhaps your brains have been made into those sturdy muscles,” he said pointing at my arm,

“Kian I don’t get you sometimes,” I told him stopping at sitting on a bench,

“What’s there to get?” he asked,

“We’re friends,” I stated, “You’re like a brother to me,”

“You’re like a sister,” he replied, he sat down next to me, “But can we have this conversation later? We’re not as far away as I want to be from that orphanage,” he said watching a person walking down the opposite pavement, she carried two heavy bags, under the weight one of them split and all the contents rolled onto the pavement. Kian stood up and then took my hand,

“We’ve got to get out of this town,” he told me,

“Can’t we help her?” I asked as she began to collect the groceries off the street,

“Let’s just go,” Kian pulled me up the street on the other side, the woman sat up and looked at us as we passed, her eyes narrowed as she took us in as if she vaguely recognised us. Her eyes followed us down the street,

“We should probably find something more suitable to wear,” he said picking at his rags, I nodded in agreement,

“But first Kian, let’s just get out of here,” I said watching a group of boys similar ages to us, they were headed towards us and held green bottles of beer or some alcoholic drink, some wore hoods and they held a boom box which blasted a racket out of it. I shied into Kian’s side as came closer,

“It’s okay Liss I’m never going to desert you,” he said putting his arm around my shoulder, “No matter what comes our way.”

The End

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