"Well this was unexpected." Said Psycho^Johnny as some other pilots, him and I were stuck at the 3-2 bottom left port. "What the |-|3|| are we supposed to do now?" We watch as the more inexperienced pilots get shot down one by one, knowing that if we step in, we'll be as toasted as they were.

"I don't know Johnny..I think the best thing we could do is just stack up and hope for the best." I say frowning.

"Too bad we can't get these other pilots to listen." He says.

"That's because the vast majority of them speak a language other than English."

"Damn right you are, careful." He smiles a wry smile.

We stack up our ships and begin to fire on the enemy, only one of us having a 50-50 chance of survival.

Both of our ships are then all of a sudden being dragged away by the same ESC ship we fired on.

"What the @#$% is going on now?! This can't be @#$%ing happening!"

He begins to put those engines of his to work on full blast.

"You better not wreck anything back there J.I.M. scum!" says the E.S.C. pilot.

"Get a load of this! Careful! Put on any whites and R.S.B. you might have! We're gonna blow him up!"

"Aye-aye captain!" But before I could, my weapons have been compromised by a single rocket. "Warning! Warning! Error!" My ship was wrecked from the inside.

"What was that? You were going to....'Blow me up'? HAHA! Best laugh in ages! You guys are such idiots. Let's round 'em up boys!"

All pilots that were in 3-2 were now being dragged up to the upper enemy maps.

"Captain! We've lost some of the captives!" One enemy pilots says.

"Get them, and drag them back!" The captain says.

"Sir," the co-leader begins "they are not a high enough level to go into our lowers base map.

"Damn!" The captain shouts, slamming his fist on the dash.

"Stupid J.I.M. pilots couldn't be any weaker than I even thought they were." He says angrily.

"How many of you jerk wads are at least level 14?! HUH?!"

"Sir, before we go any farther, the majority of the more experienced pilots are only from level 12 to higher than level 17."

"Well then, our pilots will 'escort' those pilots to their 3-8 base, and the rest will stay in 3-4. We'll force them to hunt the aliens until they all are level 17. Any lesser goliaths will be forced to have the Veteran design for a 10% experience make things go a little faster." The captain says with a wry and evil smirk.

The End

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