This is not good

We all jump up into the b-maps to keep out the enemy..right? Nope. The enemy is keeping everyone out of the b-maps. All of the strategies we are trying are failing. The stronger of the 3 companies, ESC, is not backing down. Everyone is running out of ammo, and no one is sticking together.

This usually happens after everyone decides it's time to shut off the engines to get some shut eye. Not tonight. Everyone's morale is low. All hope seems lost tonight. All of the stronger pilots without "plutanium pop protection" has gone to 3-1 base and shut off their ships for sleep. Watching the lights dim off in the cockpits of the pilots' ships told me that maybe I should too..but me? Nope.

I wanted to give tonight my all. I repped up my ship to set out after I checked my drones to make sure that they can take the damage.

Psycho^Johnny and I head out with a few others after they repair their ships and we head out.

No use. 3-2 had almost 10 to 20 enemies in it. J.I.M. is in danger of being enslaved by the other two companies.

The End

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