Friends among allies

As I am heading up to the 3-7 port in 3-8, I turn on the vocal chat system to check out where everyone else was.

"Hey guys. What's up?" My voice is rather cheery to see some of the other people online. They begin to overlap each other, speaking at the same time, greeting me.

"What's everyone up to today?" I ask as I begin to jump through the port.

"Nothing much hon," begins Myelraecin, "just shooting stuff and killin' enemies as they come by." he finishes.

Jezzy2000 later comes into "TeamSpeak" as we all call this vocal chat system with her usual "Wazzaaap!" greeting, her southern accent always makes me smile. I reply back and ask how everyone's doing, which they usually respond with some sort of "okay" in a dull droning tone.

I ask them where they are, they ask me where I am, and then, Ant interrupts. -_-

"CAREFUL!!!" he almost squeals, "I LOVE YOU CAREFUL!!" I roll my eyes, "I love you too Ant." I reply with an exasperated tone.

He's always been like that ever since I logged on to T.S. the first time. He's annoying half the time, but he is helpful....sometimes...depends on his mood...

Half of the time he comes in complaining that he got himself into trouble....again. -_-

I mute him and talk to everyone else, while flying my ship to where they are, helping each other with quests. We talk for quite a while, and then the WBLZ, or White Ballistic Lasers clan comes in, inviting us all for a raid.

"Now guys, here's what we're gonna do," Psycho^Johnny begins, "we're gonna start with a couple of Jack-in-the-boxes."

Okay, pause!

A jack-in-the-box is when one person jumps into a certain map, and comes back, enticing the enemy, if not provoking him/her.

Okay, back to the action.

The jack-in-the-box never ceases to work. A whole group comes in and we kill them all one by one, until....ONE by one we fall.

We all rep up in 3-1 base, and begin to rally up at 2-4 port in 3-4 to jump in and kill some enemies. Having a good laugh about the enemy ship names that we have just destroyed not too long ago. *Sigh* Such good friends in a weak, but surviving company.

The End

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