This is one big mess!

Okay. I'm talking in the present tense now. I just locked onto a Boss Big Scallion! "Okay, just calm down. Everything will be fine." I take a few deep breaths to focus on circling the dangerous creature I have provoked to fire at will.

Not too long after, all of the other little and big aliens begin to follow, the little ones firing at my ship.

I can feel the damage being done to my ship, the insane rattling with every blow.

My ship takes another 40k damage, and the boss alien is not even showing a single sign of a scratch on its hp. This looks bad! I'm already half dead!

No powerful ammo, no time to call in help. (Half of the time I ask for help, they're all Spanish. OI!) I'm the kind that once I start, I like to try to finish it off..almost no matter what the alien is.

A few rounds of circling I'm doing just fine. Watching where all of the aliens are on the outside of my ship with the big boss in the middle of my imaginary circle..every here and there I'm taking a few blows from the little guys equaling up to about 10k damage if I'm not...careful.(Yes, my name is careful-I*pop*, and half the time, ppl use my name as a warning. haha!)

Finally! The alien has 25% of it's hp down! I've been shooting on this thing for about 5 minutes now..sort of embarrassing especially when I have some ore on my lasers and shields. Huh? The rockets for my HellStorm Launcher ran out! Oh great.

Well, at least the rockets that are automatically launched from my ship can be automatically purchased, same with my lasers. I'm pretty well set here.

Another 5 minutes going by and I start on my x3 damage ammo, to speed things up. I wanna kill it before it kills me. 0_0'

The death run...worst thing to experience with the most powerful boss in all maps. I'm beginning to take damage, trying to practice a technique I've heard about from all the other more experienced pilots..not working.

I only have a sliver of hp..and it has double what I got. I begin to use my x4 damage lasers to finally kill the darn thing. I pick up what can from killing it, and run to the bottom left port to jump to 3-8 to sell the raw ore for ecreds.

"Whew! That was way too close for comfort" I say to myself, "better watch out next time." I fly out of base to begin my hunt yet again...

The End

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