What the...?!

Well, I have been giving all of you the basics of what is going on, so I'll tell you what happened recently...

I was flying around in my graceful Goliath, shooting aliens as usual, when all of a sudden ONE clan came out of nowhere! Even though it's a shocker when it happens, you get used to all of the "illegals" flying in space. You wanna know what ONE clan does? Hehe...it aint pretty.

They cloak up, jump to a certain map, and use all the illegal gear to kill everyone in J.I.M. And when they do come up on you, shooting you down, you might as well not fire you back because you are as good as toast.

Don't get me wrong, I looove toast, but not this kind. It's the kind that says, "You just got owned!" Arrogant losers ONE clan. ONE clan comes from company  Earth Shipping Corporation. Everyone fears them. Not one single pilot can fairly square off against one of the ONE clan members.

If you're curious about WHY not to fight a ONE clan member, I have just the satisfaction to your curiosities.

If you fire on them, their health is only like...1% there, no shields, and they kill you in 4 shots. No joke.

My heart burns with a passion to prove to the Inter-Galactic Police that they're a bunch of illegals, but none of them listen, because the ONE clan are huge payouts during Mega Happy Hour.

What is Mega Happy Hour? It comes once a week during the weekend to allow pilots to stock up on Platunium and other sorts of things. Best buy Platunium since you get triple for just one price. Nice eh?

Went out to kill a few aliens and possibly some non fully- equipped fliers in Earth's lower maps when all of a sudden...

A J.I.M. flier was being attacked! I jumped right in with what little of the most precious ammo's I had left. Only to discover that the J.I.M. and I had a problem with our weapons systems. Absolutely nothing was firing out of our ships, but only for about 10 seconds...and then we got blown up.

Back in the 3-1 base, my ship was repairing very peacefully..slowly, but peacefully.

I head up to our 3-4 map only to be shot on by the same J.I.M. pilot that I tried to help.  He kept on firing, and I just let him fire on me and I jumped though the port back to 3-2.

I jumped back in to 3-4 to head up to the 4-3 b-map, the sucker popped me again!!

And so, to save me time, effort, and disgrace, I use a jump chip to get me up to 3-7 no sweat, right? ONE clan can't get enough killing J.I.M.

I was destroyed again. And so I repped up and set out again, this time from 3-8 base in the upper maps. If you're level 12 or over, if you're destroyed in the upper maps, you're sent to the base of the upper maps.

And so I made it to 3-7, only to hear the chaos that ONE clan is causing in 3-6. I shut down the primitive type-to-chat system to block out the pain that I am even feeling about how helpless J.I.M. is. I began to mindlessly kill the aliens in 3-7, the Big Scillions, and the little Scilliens..and then all of a sudden, I looked to my ship's status screen to only see that my ship took 40k (40,000) damage!

What kind of alien did I lock on to??!?

The End

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