Orbital Darkness

A battle between 3 companies: Jupiter Industrial Moving (JIM), Saturn Incorporation Migration (SIM) , and Earth Shipping Corporation (ESC) that is told by one member of JIM named, careful-I*pop*
Based off of the MMORPG, Dark Orbit

I have no idea how long all of us have been out here in space. It feels like I've been here for an eternity even though in all reality, I've been in space for barely a year. I have no Idea how much longer we're going to be out here either, because this war against against these three companies is driving me insane!!

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself...I am careful-I*pop* from the company, JIM, or, Jupiter Industrial Moving.

So, let me tell you how this all began...

A huge group of almost a million pilots were set out to find our new homes right? (Hence the names of the three now- at- war companies.) We all seemed to get along 'cuz well, we were all scared of what we would find out in space. *chuckle*

I never knew until it was all too late...we all began to have different opinions that the pilots were willing to just fight each other over about what they should be called, what they think about the current state Earth is in, and what they should do to the pilots after they "won this race". Some of my best friends split to the other companies, and as bad as it killed me, I stayed with who was remaining, and we named ourselves, J.I.M.

The End

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