Is This Love?

Billy stood there like Uncle Sam in one of those I Want You posters from World war two, only, instead of pointing a finger at me, he held my sweater, soaked with my blood.

      "Please," I asked, "Just don't hurt the baby."

      "You'll both be fine. The only thing that I killed is this sweater."

      He threw the sweater onto my stomach and walked out. I sit there in the corner and cry. Why do I love him? I must be crazy. I know I'm crazy,just like he's crazy. In a way, I guess he's my soulmate.

     He walks in. "Well, ain't your'e life just SO BAD? You don't work! All you do is sit there-"

          "NO! MY LIFE WOULD BE FINE--" My face stings. "IF IT WEREN'T FOR YOU!" He punches me back in the corner. He kickes me between the legs.

          "You stupid wh**e! If you'd listen!

He kicks me.

"JUST!" He kicks again, in the thigh.

"F***ING!" In between the legs again.

"LISTEN!" In the stomach. He walks out, and the fly of my pants turns red. I cry harder. Why do I always come back? If I left him... I'd be a mom.

Is this love?

The End

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