Apollo and Dionysus Reunited

"I can't believe you're eating those things at this hour of the day."

"Things?" The dark-haired vagabond with the five o'clock shadow at six-thirty in the morning raised an eyebrow at the clean cut man who'd just sat down at his table.

The newcomer leaned over and plucked a gummy bear from the coffee shop table. It was red.  It also had a toothpick skewered through one lumpy hand like a spear, a makeshift shield fashioned out of an empty sugar packet stuck to the other, and a tiny paper mohawk.

"Will you put him back down please?" Dionysus requested with an impish grin. "Leonidas cannot lead his army into the battle of Thermopylae if he's being squished."

"I can't believe we're related."  The blond-haired man handed over the smooshed gummy bear distastefully.

Though he didn't want to admit it, Apollo was impressed by the ridiculous scene.  It was pretty accurate for its scale. Spartans, Thespians, Thebans, and Helots were made up of red, green, yellow,and orange bears, while the Persians were made of black and gold gummy cola candies. A number of unopened liquid creamers and other condiments made the rest of the landscape of the historically
sweet battlefield.

The End

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