The leaves seemed to turn into shades of red, orange and yellow overnight. Fall was coming fast and Molitov could feel the change in his bones as he stood in the clearing waiting for the fight to begin.

I could see him clearly from my vantage point high on the ridge. His power pulsating in waves reached out several inches beyond his skin. His hair wavered slightly with the energy but more or less stood on end, a blonde beacon warning of his temper.

This was going to be hard. I really liked the guy but I couldn't let him sell me out. I hadn't worked so hard at building a good reputation to have it destroyed just as my plans were coming to fruition.

I went into a low crouch and sprung. I flipped gracefully and landed inches in front of him. I was hardly prepared for the full force of his attack when he unleashed it. It struck hard, but I kept my footing loosing only inches of ground. The blue fire singed my hair.

I countered with a skillfully placed kick to his chest. He looked abashed and a little confused. I pinned him. He was mine.

The End

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