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Within a universe, not so very different from a universe you might know, there existed a place known as Var. Var, to be more exact, was a polis on the southern end of the peninsula of Varneen which sat it the eastern hemisphere of the planet Gao which circled around the star Deya which lay in the western most corner of the star system Helix. The height of this agricultural and mercantile polis's development occurred in the third era of Gao during the fourth reinvention of universal chronology.

Amidst the vast size of the universe, persistent movement of the stream of time, and the incalculable complexity of the interference of the Remnant, this small, superstitious polis could seem but an insignificant speck within the greater picture of the universe and beyond that within all of the existence itself. However, if anything does seem clear it would seem to be the fact that things are so often not as they clearly seem to be, for within this simple, arid piece of land existed the source for the Remnant's new purpose, the purest form of hope the universe had ever received, and the boy who would change the entirety of all existence.

The End

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