The Tool, The Key

Mahin was a tool. To be specific - he was a key. 

The boy, for all his worth to a hundred different people the world over, lead what he described as the most miserable existence this side of town... which incidentally, spoke volumes of his self esteem. The thing was, Mahin wasn't quite aware of how many people and how long they'd been searching for him. He didn't quite yet comprehend that his existence mattered to more people than his parents. What he did know however, was that he was quite the tool - gullible, easily pushed around and god forbid someone with a pretty face asked him to do something for her. Life had never really been as fun for Mahin as he'd have liked it to be, especially when he compared it with what everyone around him had.

His appreciation for his own life, his own worth would come to grow when these forces, a few annoyingly altruistic, a few enticingly evil and the majority of them fitting into the grey area in between would finally find him and drag him screaming, complaining, delirious, whining and in general against his own will into a world that just wasn't quite 'normal'.



Author's Note - I'm now finding myself, wanting to expand this into a full fledged story... 

The End

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