Concrete Corpse


Finally I wrenched the sword out of the monsters chest and wiped my hands. A hideous tortured screaming reached my ears. Quickly I ran to the sound. Flying down the dark and dank alleyways, jumping over cracked sewage pipes that leaked onto the sodden stone. Suddenly I rounded a corner and stopped. The sight that met me was gruesome, the rotting bodies of the slain were strewn across the floor, blood dripped from the ceiling, various organs sat in pools of crimson. I pulled my horrified gaze away just in time to see Hanna plunge a curved and bloodied sword down the monsters bleeding throat. With a sickening scweltch she pulled it out. The body hit the greasy slab, bones crunching on the cracks. Rapidly it deteriorated into a thick black slimy mould.

Hanna threw the sword to the floor, spat out a ball of blood and cursed. Bending double she lifted what was left of the body and threw it onto a gigantic pile of limp bones that were stacked grotesquely in a corner. The greenish light sent many flickering shadows dancing across the walls. I could hear a low irregular breathing. Something was still alive.

The End

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