Run! Don't turn round you fool, just run!

"I can't run any more. He's too fast. He's going to catch up" I gasped. I reached for my side, where a huge stitch was forming. I'd been running for ages, and still hadn't managed loose him.

Don't you even dare give up. It's me in here too remember!

"Like I don't know that! It's easy for you to tell me to run, seeing as your doing none of the work!" I screamed. I heard footsteps behind me, walking slowly. How could he be walking like that? I was running as fast as I could yet he was only a bit behind me.

Like I'm not doing anything by choice. I'm stuck in here remember.

"Your putting me off." I shouted. "Just shut up will you!"


I stopped suddenly.

"Where?" I asked.

See that door? I knew someone who lived there. She'll help.

Without a seconds thought I knocked on heavily, begging the door to open. I glanced round and terror flooded through me as I saw him. He smirked as he looked at me, like he knew he'd already caught me. 

Then the door opened, and I hurried in quickly. 


The End

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