Joyous Strife

Conflict. The genesis of hope.

After centuries of agonizing peace, we can now finally look forward to a new era. An era of action and thought. We know all of you are as excited as we are.We have worked for decades, to overthrow the yokes of slavery and bondage, and to free our minds. And we are finally at the threshold of the Renaissance.

Ever since history can remember, our ancestor's atrophied minds had failed to generate any conflict of thoughts. Inert and impotent, they thought of nothing. But the New Spirit Revolution of the last century changed us, by introducing us to the idea of change. Then we discovered subjectivity and we quickly surged ahead into this new era. The era of conflict.

Our society is going to be reborn. It is an era of Renaissance. We have seen our first conflicts, and they are a sight to behold. The conflicts are evolving as we speak. For decades we wondered when this day will arrive. Who will be the first to break free from convention and biological fatalism. And we have our new heroes.

The End

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