One of the suns shines high in the peaceful, midday sky. Sheep-like clouds prance effortlessly around. Lazy summer breezes flow through the air, tickling the mint-green grass.

She lies, relaxing on her back, her fingers play with the long, soft grass, ears listening to the mocking bird duet with the sleek crow. The warning wind pulls on her white summer dress and makes her hair-parting blow over her heart-shaped face.

The wind picks up; she squeezes her eyes briefly before opening them. Frowning, she pushes up to her elbows, watching the tepid sky.

In the distance, slate-grey clouds roll quickly over to her paradise home; they glow menacingly with flashing lightning. The birds' song ends with a squawk, the only sounds, her light breathing and the not-so-distant thunder.

She leaps to her steady feet, her hands held in tight fists. Her almond eyes take in the traitorous clouds eating her sky; darkening her world.

Lightning strikes the earth in front. She knows what's coming; the ageless woman is not afraid. The lightning hits in the same place.

Smoke clears.

The dark figure emerges.

Light highlights the mutual hatred of sworn enemies and siblings.

Good and Evil.

The war has begun.

The End

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