In The Snow

Blood stained the snow in front of me. I stared at it, slowly realizing that most of it was mine. Somehow, that realization made everything come into stark detail. I saw the snowflakes, fat and wet, falling slowly from the sky, drifting here and there. It would have been incredibly romantic if I wasn't bleeding to death. I saw, when I focussed enough to look beyond the snowflakes, the distant ruins of the Citadel. Smoke billowed in great black clouds from the fires that raged within it's lower levels, an ugly blotch against the perpetual sunset on the horizon. 

And I saw, when I looked to my left, the twisted wreckage of the Snow Leopard APC that had been meant to carry us to safety. I pushed off of my knees and onto my feet, took two shaky steps and collapsed again. Tired, hurting, knowing I was going to die, I closed my eyes and waited for the end. I barely noticed the sound of the other APC as it pulled up next to the wreckage, the sound of hurried voices searching for survivors. A warm hand pressed against my neck. 

"Figures you'd survive," Jolee muttered softly. "Nolan! Over here!"

The End

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