Assassins of the Night

Each of them stepped into the clearing, twelve tall, black pillars in the darkness. Only the full moon was their witness, gaping at the faceless shadows with her pale beauty.

It was near silent, even the owls of the night holding their breath as they waited. Their black robes flickered and hissed in the quiet; a pause that seemed to last an eternity.

In one breath, their blades were drawn, shimmering like water in the moonbeams. They pointed to the sky, challenging the stars themselves, and threatening the moon to stay silent. Beneath their hoods, their ashen eyes glittered-with hunger, with thirst, with vengeance.

Their swords glinted white like hot iron in the still air. From the weapon's tips dripped blood, pooling in crimson puddles at their feet. The liquid gathered together, a cloud cast over the moon like a veil. From Blood and Shadows formed another of them, though he had red eyes peering from beneath his hood, and held a twisted black sword in his hand 

"Let the Hunt begin," came his voice, like the wind through dead leaves.

The bats broke off from the trees all around them, fleeing towards the stars.

The End

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